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Configure Versioning for a List/Library in SharePoint

Special Note

Some of SharePoint's functionality depends on ActiveX, which is only supported in Internet Explorer (32-bit). If you're using a web browser that is not Internet Explorer and you run into problems, try using Internet Explorer in compatibility mode instead.

You must have the appropriate permissions in order to configure versioning in SharePoint.

Major/minor versions are only available for libraries, not lists.


  1. Open your web browser to the SharePoint site that has the library/list you want to configure versioning for
  2. Select 'Settings' from the Quick Access Ribbon
  3. Select 'Site Content'
  4. Select the library/list you want to add versioning to
  5. Select the 'Library' tab, or the 'List' tab, depending on what you selected before
  6. Select 'Library Settings' or 'List Settings', depending on what you selected before
  7. Under the 'General Settings' section, select 'Versioning Settings'
  8. Under the 'Content Approval' field, select 'Yes' or 'No'