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Add Colleagues to My Site in SharePoint

Special Note

Some of SharePoint's functionality depends on ActiveX, which is only supported in Internet Explorer (32-bit). If you're using a web browser that is not Internet Explorer and you run into problems, try using Internet Explorer in compatibility mode instead.


  1. Open your web browser to your SharePoint My Site
  2. Select 'Get Started with My Site'
  3. Select 'Identify people you know'
  4. Select 'Add Colleagues'
  5. Under the 'Type Names' field, enter the name(s) of the colleague you want to add
  6. Select the icon that looks like a person with a check mark
    • This checks the global address book for the name(s) you entered
  7. Alternatively, select the icon that looks like an open book to open the global address book
    • You can search for the colleague's name here
    • Select the colleague's name and click 'Add ->'
  8. Select 'OK' to finish adding your colleague to My Site