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MocsPrint Mobile

MocsPrint Mobile lets you print directly from your personal computer, laptop, or iOS and Android devices to various MocsPrint locations on campus.


  • Print From Anywhere

    • Take our mobile cloud with you anywhere and print from your apartment, cafe, library, home, or classroom using your mobile device or our driverless web-based document upload solution.

  • Secure Printing

    • Files are encrypted on your device before transferring via a secure channel to the intended printer.

  • BYOD - Bring Your Own Device Driverless Printing

    • Students can print from their personal laptops, tablets, or smart phones and avoid the hassle of installing printers and print drivers. Documents are simply uploaded using a web browser or app. All popular file formats are accepted such as Microsoft Office, various image formats, PDF's, etc.

Three Ways to Print

  1. Use the Document Upload Service from your laptop or personal computer anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.
    MocsPrint Mobile Print Button

  2. Install a MocsPrint printer on your laptop or personal computer.

    1. Must be connected to UTC network or wi-fi.

  3. Use the MocsPrint PrinterOn Mobile App from your tablet or smart phone.

Devices printing to a printer through a cloud

Upload directly from Your laptop or personal computer

Wherever you are with your personal computer, as long as you have an internet connection, you can upload documents for printing to MocsPrint Mobile.


Traditional Printer Installation

If you would prefer to install the MocsPrint mobile printer to your personal computer, rather than use the MocsPrint Mobile document upload service or app, please visit: Knowledge Base - MocsPrint

This is only available to computers running Windows or Mac OS X.


Get The Mobile App

How to print from the GoPrint Mobile app from your iOS or Android tablet or smart phone

The MocsPrint app is provided by PrinterOn. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can search the appropriate store for PrinterOn or use the links below. Look for the PrinterOn icon shown below:

PrinterOn icon    Icon for Apple App Store *  Icon for Goole Play Store*