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MocsPrint Mobile Document Upload

  • For answers to the most common questions, please refer to the MocsPrint Mobile FAQ.
  • You can submit print jobs and documents from your personal laptop or computer anywhere in the world to MocsPrint Mobile without installing printers or drivers (as long as you are connected to the internet).
  • Please see the MocsPrint Mobile App page for printing information regarding your smartphone or tablet. If you would rather not purchase the app for your smartphone or tablet, you can also use the document upload service from the links below.

Print Using MocsPrint Mobile

Document Upload Steps:

  1. Locate a MocsPrint Mobile location from the list or map below.
  2. Click the link to open the document upload web site.
  3. Following the instructions on the document upload web site:
    1. select the printer
    2. enter your email address
    3. browse to your file
    4. click the green print button
  4. Make note of the 6 digit release code.
  5. Go to the MocsPrint Paystation.
  6. At the Paystation, look for your email address, or a button labeled "Claim Mobile". Click either one and enter your release code.
  7. Select your file, click Print, swipe your Mocs Card, and click Print again to confirm the charges and receive your job.

MocsPrint Mobile supports most document and image formats, and sometimes can "unofficially" support some files that aren't listed here. However, there are many thousands of different file formats and we cannot test all of them, so we only guarantee support for the file types listed here:

  • Microsoft Word 2000-2013, XP
  • Microsoft Word for Mac
  • Microsoft Excel 2000-2013, XP
  • Microsoft Excel for Mac
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2000-2013, XP
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac
  • Microsoft Visio 2000-2013
  • Apache OpenOffice Writer 2.x to 4.x
  • Apache OpenOffice Calc 2.x to 4.x
  • Apache OpenOffice Impress 2.x to 4.x
  • Apache OpenOffice Draw 2.x to 4.x
  • File types: PDF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, HTML, GIF, TIFF, RTF, ASCII Text, Unicode Text, HWP (Hancom Word Processor), Microsoft XPS, ZIP

If the file you would like to print is not one of the supported types, we recommended saving/exporting/printing it as a PDF. Most major programs allow you to save or export to a PDF file. If yours doesn't and you need a program to save files as PDF, try PDF Creator.

MocsPrint Mobile Locations

One page for multiple locations: Click this button to upload your document and print from any of the listed MocsPrint Mobile locations:
MocsPrint Document Upload

Click the location below to load the document upload web page

  1. UTC Library
  2. Davenport 228 - Physical Therapy
  3. EMCS 206 - Math Lab
  4. Fine Arts Center 307 - Music Lab
  5. Fletcher 111 - College of Business Lab
  6. Grote 316 - Chemistry Lab
  7. Holt 101, 205, & 399 - English Labs
  8. Holt Hall 302 & 349b - Psychology Labs
  9. Mac Gym 200 - Math Plaza
  10. Metro 109 - HHP Lab
  11. Metro 228 & 229 - Nursing Study Lounge and Lab
  12. Metro 255 - Communications Classroom
  13. Pfeiffer 306 - Political Science Lab
  14. UC Foundation Apartments - 2nd Floor Lab
  15. Walker Apartments - 3rd Floor Lab

If the MocsPrint location you would like to use is not listed, you can still install the print queue to your PC or Mac using the instructions on the knowledge base. 

MocsPrint Mobile Campus Map

Use the map to find a MocsPrint Mobile printing location, then select the location from the list above.
Look for the icon of a printer icon on the map and use the corresponding number to select that location above.

MocsPrint Document Upload Map

For answers to the most common questions, please refer to the MocsPrint Mobile FAQ.