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MocsPrint Mobile App

For answers to the most common questions, please refer to the MocsPrint Mobile FAQ.

Once you have the MocsPrint Mobile App from GoPrint, you can print websites, email, text, documents, photos and images, and items from your clipboard directly from your iOS or Android device.

Get The Mobile App

The FREE mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can search the appropriate store for PrinterOn or use the links below. Look for the PrinterOn icon:

PrinterOn icon    Icon for Apple App Store *  Icon for Goole Play Store*

App Instructions

The instructions below will guide you through the printing process including how to claim your print job.



  1. Once the app is installed, select the type of item you would like to print. i.e. Documents, Photos, or Websites.
    1. Documents, pictures, and other supported file types must be printed from a supported cloud storage service.
  2. Select the printer from the bottom of the app screen. You can choose the printer you would like to print to from the interactive map or search. Click the Location icon or the Search icon at the bottom
  3. When zoomed in on the UTC campus, you should see "University of Tennessee at Chattanooga MocsPrint Mobile" or you can search for "Chattanooga" and select from the resulting list
  4. Once the printer is selected, click the Check Mark.
  5. Select the green ‘Print’ button
  6. Enter your email address to receive your release code and confirmation, then click the check mark. This needs to be a valid email address
  7. You should see a "Job Started" message, then in a few moments a "Job Success" message.
  8. Click Print History to see your job and the release code.
    1. You can also check your email for the release code.
  9. Proceed to any MocsPrint release station on campus to release and pay for your print job.
    1. Color print jobs must be released from a color printer.

You can LOOK HERE for a list of MocsPrint Mobile enabled release stations and printers