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Central Authentication Service

The Central Authentication Service (CAS) protects and provides access to UTC applications.

When you log in to some of UTC's newer web-based systems, you will see a new login form: Central Authentication Service (CAS). CAS allows single-sign-on which makes it easier for you to access applications such as Blackboard (UTC Learn) and Banner without having to log in repeatedly.

As UTC upgrades and rolls out new web-based systems, they will be authenticated via CAS whenever possible.

It is located at


Services using CAS:

Mail Code Lookup

This is an unofficial and unsupported list.

Name Mail Code Dept or Apt
Academic and Research Comp Services 4324 Department
Academic Administration 5355 Department
Academic Services 5405 Department
Accounting 6206 Department
Admissions‐Undergraduate 5105 Department
Adult Services 5255 Department
Advisement/Retention Center 1622 Department
Affirmative Action 5455 Department
Alumni Affairs 6506 Department
Amphitheater Scheduling 1501 Department
ARC/Wellness Center and Racket Ctr. 7056 Department
Archaeology Institute 2102 Department
Arena 3403 Department
Arena Ticket Office 3403 Department
Art 1301 Department
Arts and Sciences 2602 Department
Asia Program 2222 Department
Athletics 3503 Department
Audit and Consulting Services 4855 Department
Auxiliary Services 3964 Department
Band 1451 Department
Banner Office 5805 Department
Battle Academy (Children's Center) 6666 Department
Biology/Environmental Studies 2653 Department
Boathouse 6606 Department
Bookstore 1001 Department
Brock Scholars 1101 Department
Brown Academy (Children's Center) 6656 Department
Burkett Miller Chair of Excellence 6256 Department
Bursar Business Office 6005 Department
Budget and Finance 5705 Department
Business Admin‐Dean 6056 Department
Business Admin. Graduate Programs 6056 Department
Business Services 4104 Department
Cadek Conservatory 1201 Department
Campus Police 3954 Department
Campus Recreation 7056 Department
Campus Safety 3954 Department
CECA 4324 Department
Center for Advisement and Success 1622 Department
Center for Applied Social Research 2162 Department
Center for Community Outreach 2102 Department
Center of Excellence‐Computer App. 4324 Department
Center of Excellence‐Teach and Learn 6406 Department
CETE 2522 Department
Challenger Center 6406 Department
Chancellor 5605 Department
Chapel Scheduling‐Danforth and Patten 5705 Department
Chemistry 2252 Department
Child Welfare Initiative 4214 Department
CIO 5415 Department
Clarence E. Harris Chair 6156 Department
Club Sports 7056 Department
College of Medicine Chattanooga 7106 Department
Communication 3003 Department
Community Career Education Center 3053 Department
Computer Science and Engineering 2302 Department
Concessions 2453 Department
Center for Professional Education 5255 Department
Cooperative Education 1751 Department
Counseling and Career Planning Center 1801 Department
Criminal Justice 3203 Department
Development 6806 Department
Developmental Studies 5405 Department
Disabilities Resource Center 2953 Department
Disbursements 5905 Department
Economics 7006 Department
Educ: Comm Outreach 3053 Department
Educ: Talent Search 6866 Department
Education about Asia 2222 Department
Education Graduate Studies Division 2242 Department
Educational Opportunity Center 6876 Department
Electrical Engineering 2342 Department
Engineering ‐Mech, Chem, Env, Civ 2502 Department
Engineering and Computer Science 2402 Department
Engineering‐Dean 2452 Department
English 2703 Department
Enrollment Services 5675 Department
Enterprise Information Systems 5950 Department
ESL 1755 Department
Executive MBA 6056 Department
Exercise Physiology Lab 6606 Department
Facilities Planning and Manage 3553 Department
Faculty Club 3964 Department
Finance 6206 Department
Finance and Operation 5505 Department
Financial Aid 4805 Department
Fine Arts Center 1351 Department
Food Service (Aramark) 1701 Department
Foreign Languages 2152 Department
Freshman Seminar 6306 Department
Gear Up 4405 Department
Geology 6556 Department
Graduate Athletic Training 6606 Department
Graduate Studies Admissions 5305 Department
Graduate Studies Education 2242 Department
Grants and Research 4905 Department
Graphic Services 3653 Department
Health and Human Performance 6606 Department
Health, Ed and Prof. Studies 4254 Department
History 2052 Department
Housing and Residence Life 2202 Department
Human Resources (Personnel) 3603 Department
Humanities 2703 Department
I.D. Office (MOCS Card) 1551 Department
Interdisciplinary Studies 2602 Department
Interior Design (Human Ecology) 4204 Department
International Ed. Study Abroad 1751 Department
International Student Services 4755 Department
Intramurals 6606 Department
ITD‐Computer Center 4454 Department
ITD‐Help Desk 4304 Department
ITD‐Information Technology 4054 Department
ITD‐Media Resources 1651 Department
ITD‐Network Operations 4054 Department
ITD‐Programming and Database 4054 Department
ITD‐Security and Network Engr. 4054 Department
ITD‐Student Technology Center 1611 Department
ITD‐Systems Operations 4454 Department
ITD‐Telecommunications 4054 Department
Law Enforcement 3954 Department
Legal Assistance Studies 3203 Department
Library 6456 Department
Library Copy Center 1601 Department
Life Planning 3053 Department
Lifelong Learning 4354 Department
Maclellan Gym 6606 Department
Mail Services 3704 Department
Management 6156 Department
Marketing 6156 Department
Mathematics 6956 Department
MBA Program 6056 Department
Media Services 1651 Department
Military Sciences‐ROTC 5025 Department
Mocs One Office 5125 Department
Music 1451 Department
Music Institute 6706 Department
New Student and Family Programs 1801 Department
Nursing 1051 Department
Observatory 2352 Department
Occupational Therapy 3103 Department
Odor Research Center 2602 Department
Office for Students with Disabilities 2953 Department
Office of General Counsel 5065 Department
Office of Partnerships 4905 Department
Operator University 4054 Department
Orientation 1921 Department
Orientation 5065 Department
Parking Services 4004 Department
Philosophy and Religion 2753 Department
Physical Plant 3553 Department
Physical Therapy 3253 Department
Physics and Astronomy 2352 Department
Placement and Student Employ 1851 Department
Planning Eval and Inst. Research 4654 Department
Political Science 6356 Department
PRISM 6648 Department
Probasco Chair Free Enterprise 6106 Department
Provost 5555 Department
Psychology 2803 Department
Public Admin Non‐Profit 3203 Department
Purchasing 4104 Department
Records 5155 Department
Recruitment 5105 Department
Research Integrity 4915 Department
Retention and Advisement Center 1622 Department
Room Reservations 1501 Department
Safety and Risk Management 3904 Department
Scholarship Office 4825 Department
School of Education 4154 Department
Security Services 3954 Department
SIEVA 6706 Department
Sim Center 7200 Department
Social Work 3133 Department
Sociology, Anthro, and Geo 2102 Department
Southeast Center for Ed. In Arts 6706 Department
Southern Appalachian Ed. Op. 6876 Department
Special Education 4154 Department
Sports Information 3503 Department
Student Development 1951 Department
Student Development‐Dean 1901 Department
Student Gov Assn/Echo 1901 Department
Student Health Services 6856 Department
Student Housing (UTC Place) 2202 Department
Student Information Systems 5655 Department
Student Organizations 1501 Department
Student Success Center 1801 Department
Student Support Services 4955 Department
Suntrust Chair of Exc. Hum. 6256 Department
Teacher Preparation Academy 4154 Department
Teaching Resource Center 4354 Department
Testing Center 4705 Department
Theatre 1401 Department
Theatre Institute 6706 Department
TN Comm Nat/Comm Services 4554 Department
Travel 5905 Department
University Center Office 1501 Department
University Honors 1101 Department
Communications and Marketing 5655 Department
Upward Bound 5005 Department
UT Institute for Public Services 6906 Department
Uteachattanooga 7156 Department
Visual Arts Institute 6706 Department
Walker Teaching Resource Ctr 4354 Department
Wellness Program 6606 Department
West Chair of Excellence 3003 Department
Center for Women and Gender Equity 1801 Department
Women's Studies 2903 Department
Writing Center 2703 Department
WUTC Radio Station 1151 Department
Youth Ed. Assess Research 4154 Department
Boling Apartments 44 Apartments
Decosimo Apartments 2000 Apartments
Guerry Apartments 1000 Apartments
Johnson Obear Apartments 55 Apartments
Lockmiller Apartments 11 Apartments
Stagmier Apartments 22 Apartments
Stophel Apartments 3000 Apartments
UC Foundation Apartments 5000 Apartments
Walker Apartments 4000 Apartments