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Client Solutions

Report problems or request consultation by contacting the Solutions Center.

Client Solutions includes the Support Consulting team and the Solution Administrators group.

Support Consulting team

The Support Consulting team addressing issues and needs across the spectrum of University owned computing devices used in offices and computer labs. The team consults with faculty and staff on optimal solutions to academic and administrative needs using information technology. 

Solution Administration group

 The solution administration group deployment and management of Device Management as well as Collaboration, Productivity and Storage Services (such as Office 365, Google Apps and SharePoint).

Ticket Tracking

All issues are recorded into central ticketing database (Footprints) even issues that are quickly resolved over the telephone. We enter all issues into our ticketing database to allow us to develop better methods of support for the campus. Tickets entered into the database get assigned to the appropriate team who will then help to resolve the issue. When the ticket is completed an email will be sent to you notifying you that the ticket has been completed.