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Network Services

The Network Services department works to design, develop, and implement a secure, reliable, and proficient wired and wireless network.  Our purpose is to provide UTC Students, Faculty, and Staff with secure access to many of the resources available on and off campus.

Some of the services and equipment we provide and/or support are:

  • 11+ gigabits of internet bandwidth over multiple off campus internet links
  • Redundant DNS servers
  • Redundant DHCP servers
  • Network device monitoring via Intermapper
  • Network access control functions via Network Sentry
  • Supporting various network equipment in over 125 communications closets
    • Includes network switches and routers, UPS systems, wireless access points, cabling, fiber, and other network related resources
  • Often the equipment/services we support are rarely thought about unless they are broken.

Network statistics as of Feb. 17, 2016

Network Devices - The number of devices that make up UTC's network.

  • Switches/routers: 851
  • Switch ports: 31,719
  • Actual jacks: ~18,500
  • Wireless access points: 1,510

Internet Connectivity - UTC's connection to the outside world.

  • 10Gbps to UTK (includes 1Gbps of commodity internet)
  • 11Gpbs to EPB

Network Users - The number of user devices using UTC's network.

  • 19,402 mobile devices
    • 60.1% are iPhones
    • 23.3% are Androids (phones and tablets)
    • 13% are iPads
    • 1.2% are iPods
    • 1.2% are ChromeOS
    • .6% are Windows RT
  • 9,220 Windows computers
  • 5,893 Mac OS X computers
  • 901 video game consoles
    • 27.8% are Xbox One
    • 27.2% are PS4
    • 17.65% are Xbox 360
    • 11.43% are PS3
    • 8.3% are Nindendo DS variants
    • 7.6% are other
  • 465 TVs, BluRay players, Apple TVs, and Chromecasts

The number of user devices only include ones registered through the campus network registration system.  There are probably more than this owned by users, they just aren't using them on UTC's network.