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What is DIGITAL?

The information Technology Division at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga have launched the DIGITAL program to give students practical, hands-on leadership training in an IT environment. DIGITAL is designed for students who are interested in coupling their UTC degree with paraprofessional leadership experiences in the field of information technology with the following five goals:

  • To implement an IT leadership apprenticeship program within the framework of UTC's Information Technology organization
  • To offer practical skills and experiences in leading and managing an IT organization
  • To teach foundational knowledge regarding the integration of technology with leading, learning, and implementing
  • To assist students in communicating their transferable skills grounded in an engaged metropolitan University as they prepare to enter the marketplace
  • To provide a credible portfolio and references endorsed by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga DIGITAL Leadership Council

DIGITAL Program Overview

The DIGITAL program is a one-year experience (August - May) that blends together the following component:

  • An initial orientation prior to the start of the academic year
  • Assigned to an apprenticeship mentor within the UTC community
  • Participate with a cohort, another UTC apprentice, in ongoing communications, collaborations, and meetings (face-to-face and virtual)
  • Complete a series of leadership and Information Technology workshops
  • Develop broad knowledge with core IT infrastructure systems (e.g. Networking, Telecommunications, Help Desk/Client Services, CAIT, Strategic Systems, Enterprise Applications)
  • Completion of a leadership based training program (TBA)
  • Participate and provide feedback in response to a vendor demonstration
  • Leadership and professional development opportunities at the institutional and community level, as well as among the Tennessee Higher Education participants
  • Complete a DIGITAL project which is to be presented in the Spring
  • Participation/presentation at a Technology conference

DIGITAL Program Requirements

  • Program participants are selected by a panel of interviewers. They will be evaluated on application data, interview answers and leadership presentation.  If you are selected for this process you will be notified on Friday, April 4 and interviews will be conducted on either April 7 or April 11. 
  • Application process is open to any major, rising Jr. or Sr.
  1. Complete application by April 3rd. 
  2. Panel Interview.
  3. 5 minute presentation on the importance of leadership (during interview process)

Note: You do not have to be in a computer related major of study