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July 2014: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Website Extreme Makeover

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) completed an overhaul of the university’s website this past year, including redesign, content re-creation, and a new CMS. We will share our successes and challenges going through the planning, implementation and roll out of the new website. Specifically, we will discuss what worked, what did not work and provide best practices for other institutions trying to redo their websites.

UTC Facts

The Old Website


Website Transformation

Responsive Design


Solutions Used


July 2014: Bicoastal Next Generation Support

Most universities provide technical support to their communities, typically employing Help Desk staff to field issues, and subsequent tiered levels of staffing to either respond to the issues or else escalate them. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Pepperdine University are collaborating to design the Next Generation of Support (NGS), one that provides more self-service, quicker response times, and better customer satisfaction. Participants of this session, will be able to: 1. Detail the effective strategies for designing NGS 2. Make recommendations about feasibility of employing these strategies at their institutions in the 2014-2015 academic year 3. Prepare for opposition to proposed changes.

July 2014: 72 Hours to 42 Minutes: Identity Management in Action

We will discuss the challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned from our recent IDM project. We will also discuss some of the technologies we integrated such as Banner, Google, Active Directory and Exchange.


July 2014: Virtual Desktops work in labs, how about for staff?

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga conducted a desktop virtualization pilot for university staff. After attending this presentation the audience will gain insight into why UTC selected Citrix VDI in a Box, why it chose to buy servers from Dell with Citrix already preconfigured, why they chose to use NComputing's N500 thin client for our virtual desktop pilot and an "honest lessons learned" discussion.



October 2014: Transforming IT: Designing and Nurturing Future IT Services and Organization



October 2014: Desktop Virtualization: Perspectives from two campuses who have implemented VDI