Computer Refresh Program

The Computer Refresh Program was established to create an annual cycle of computer replacement so that all qualifying faculty and staff would receive a new, primary computing device every four years. The purpose of the Computer Refresh Program is to ensure that faculty and staff have adequate computer technology essential for their daily work activities. The University contributes up to $1,200 toward a refreshed device, peripherals, and accessories with departments paying for any overages. Below are further details about the program.

Proposed Timeline

Here is a month-by-month rollout of the FY 2018/2019 Computer Refresh Program.

November - December 2018

  • Initial meetings of the Computer Refresh Program Task Force to determine the timeline, logistics, eligibility, supported models, and details of this year's program. Also, the Computer Refresh Program website will be updated to explain the program details, timeline, recommended models, and FAQs. Finally, a campus-wide email will be sent about the program with a link to a short survey so that faculty and staff can self-identify if they believe they are eligible for this year’s Refresh program.

January - March 2019

  • Determine eligibility of those who qualify for this year's cycle of the Computer Refresh Program
  • Validation process of all eligible faculty and staff
  • Computer models, peripherals, and accessories available for faculty & staff to demo by appointment

April 2019

  • Place computer, accessory, and peripheral orders with both Dell and Apple

May – August 2019

  • Deployment of computers department by department with the goal of completing all deployments by end of Summer/start of Fall 2019 classes.

Supported Computer Models

Dell Optiplex 5060 (Desktop)

  • i5-8600 4.3GHz
  • 16gb RAM
  • 512gb M.2 SSD
  • Integrated Graphics
  • 8x DVD+/-RW


  • Dual 22" Monitors

Dell 14" Latitude 5491 (Laptop)

  • 8-gen i7 2.6GHz 6-cores
  • 16gb RAM
  • 512gb M.2 2280 SSD
  • Nvidia MX130 w/2gb gddr5


  • Dual 24" Monitors
  • TB16 with 180w Adapter (Dock)

Dell 12" Latitude 5290 (Laptop)

  • 8-gen i5 1.7GHz 4-cores
  • 16gb RAM
  • 512gb M.2 Class 20 SSD
  • Intel UHD


  • D6000 (Dock)

Dell Precision 3630 (Desktop)

  • 7-gen i7 3.20GHz 6-cores
  • 16gb RAM
  • 512gb SSD class 20 SSD
  • Nvidia Quadro P1000 4gb
  • 8x DVD+/-RW

Apple 13" Macbook Air (Laptop)

  • 8-gen i5 1.6GHz 2-cores
  • 8gb RAM
  • 256gb PCIe
  • Intel UHD
  • Apple Care

Apple 15" MacBook Pro w/ touchpad (Laptop)

  • 8-gen i7 2.2GHz 6-cores
  • 16gb RAM
  • 512gb SSD
  • Radeon Pro w/4gb gddr5
  • Apple Care

Apple 27" iMac (Desktop)

  • 7-gen i5 3.4GHz 4-cores
  • 16gb RAM
  • 512gb SSD
  • Radeon Pro w/4gb gddr5
  • Apple Care

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is eligible to receive a new device?

The Computer Refresh Program is aimed at regular full-time faculty and staff members. It does not include grant funded positions, temp workers, graduate students, or student workers.

What if I have more than one computing device?

The focus of the Computer Refresh Program is to replace the 'primary' device used by faculty and staff. A primary device is your main computer; your 'go to' device that is used daily, frequently, and often.

What if I need something more than the supported and recommended model?

While we discourage ordering anything beyond the supported and recommended models, we know that a few faculty and staff will have specific technology needs related to their role. Please send an email to if you'd like have a consultation from one of the IT Field Support staff to help determine your computer needs.

How much will it cost?

The University contributes up to $1,200 toward a refreshed device and accessories with departments being responsible to pay for any overages. There are a range of devices and accessories available. Submit a ticket to if you'd like to discuss your needs in more detail.

When will I get my new device?

Based on the timeline for this year’s Computer Refresh Program, our goal is to begin the department-by-department deployment of computing devices starting in May 2019. We hope to have all computers delivered no later than mid-August, the week before the start of classes for the Fall 2019 semester.

What happens to my old device?

Once we deliver your new device, we will collect your old device. The reason for collecting your old device is to remove them from our fleet to ensure faculty and staff have the latest and most secure technology that we can support.

Who is coordinating the Computer Refresh Program?

The Computer Refresh Program is sponsored by UTC's Executive Team, managed by the IT Advisory Council, and implemented through a Task Force * made up of staff in IT and Academic Affairs. It is an institution-wide program designed to serve all regular, full-time faculty and staff.

Whom do I contact if I have any questions?

You can send an email to All members of the Task Force will receive your email. Someone will follow-up with you as quickly as possible to help with your questions.


*Task Force Members Include:

  • Stuart French - Information Technology
  • Dennis Gendron – Information Technology
  • Ben Hoge - Information Technology
  • Scott Lyons - College of Business
  • Marcus Myers – Information Technology
  • Tony Parsley – Information Technology
  • Mike Roeser - College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Dr. Chris Silver – Faculty, School of Professional Studies
  • Barbara Webb - Information Technology
  • Jeffrey Wetherill – Information Technology (Chair)