Client & Student Services

Client & Student Services is a department that combines two major operational areas.  Client Services includes our Call Center, Technology Center, Field Support Operations (including faculty and staff support along with classrooms and labs), and Service and Incident Management.  The Student Services area is comprised of IT Asset Management, Web and Portal Administration, and Database Administration of our student-focused enterprise applications.  

As a department, we are committed to two guiding principles: 

  1. Providing customers with exceptional service
  2. To solve issues as efficiently as possible.

Major Projects & Initiatives

Classroom Technologies  

We are currently investing over $100k to replace 15 projectors (12 rooms) along with developing a long-term plan for refreshing our classroom technology infrastructure.

Computer Refresh & Inventory  

Implementing a plan that would refresh all faculty and staff primary devices once every four years along with ensuring an accurate inventory of all IT assets.

Data & Metrics  

Developing data and metrics using Microsoft BI (Business Intelligence) to track real-time activity within the Footprints ticketing environment.

Office 365 

Helping to migrate all faculty and staff to O365 and to provide support and training to ensure all users are comfortable navigating their way around while using the tools and features of the new environment.


With the installation of Luminus 5 (our new portal environment), we are in the process of further developing the portal to ensure it aligns with the needs and interests of faculty, staff, and students.