Current Membership (2019-2020)

Membership Archive


  • Chair: Theresa Liedtka (Library)
  • Ethan Carver (Graduate School)
  • Harriet Chambers (Development)
  • Terry Denniston (Chancellor's Office)
  • Tyler Forrest (Budget and Finance)
  • Yancy Freeman (Enrollment Management, Student Success)
  • Lani Gao(College of Engineering)
  • Dennis Gendron (Information Technology)
  • Hemant Jain (College of Business)
  • Daniel Loveless (College of Engineering)
  • Beth Luehrs (Athletics)
  • Matt Matthews (Provost Office)
  • Laure Pou (Human Resources)
  • Brian Rogers (Library)
  • Stephen Rumbaugh (Communications and Marketing)
  • Joe Wilferth(College of Arts and Science)
  • Caesar Wood (Campus Recreation/UC)