Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC)


The Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC) facilitates campus-wide, technology-related conversations and collaborations that guide decision-making and enhance the access and use of information technologies across the campus. The ITAC coordinates technology strategic planning and makes recommendations to the Executive Leadership Team on policies, standards, and priorities, as well as on the cost-effective use of IT resources. Members of ITAC serve at the request of the Chancellor.

Approved 10/24/2018 by Executive Leadership Team

Sample ITAC Activities

Assist with Technology resource management

  • Provide shared governance for the prioritization of technology initiatives and projects
  • Advocate for campus technology priorities and funding needs
  • Make efficiency, cost-sharing, and funding recommendations for IT services and projects

Assist with the establishment of technology policy, procedure and guidelines

  • Recommend policies, procedures, and guidelines related to technology purchase, implementation, use, and storage
  • Support data strategy and shared governance for data management
  • Assist with the promulgation of campus guidelines on security practices and requirements

Serve as a communication hub for IT governance and campus technology

  • Serve as a connector to answer governance-related technology questions
  • Promote campus technology policies, guidelines, and services
  • Provide access to key governance-related documents, communications, standards, and dates
  • Provide opportunity for input from the campus community
  • Serve as liaison to campus technology stakeholders and a clearinghouse for technology ideas

Serve as a technology clearinghouse for the campus

  • Promote strategic use of technology resources
  • Assist in the setting of strategic direction for technology
  • Help IT-focused projects achieve results by strengthening business cases, alignment, timing, and collaborations that might be needed for success