UTCares for the Faculty & Staff Community

A top priority of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) is the safety and well-being of faculty, staff, and students.  The 425-CARE (423-425-2273) line is a tool to help maintain a safe and healthy environment by providing an avenue for reporting concerns related to faculty and staff behaviors that may be harmful to themselves or others.

You can call this number if you need help and don’t know where to start, or to share your concerns for a fellow faculty or staff member on campus.  Your call will be handled with the utmost sensitivity and concern, and trained professionals will carefully assess the situation to provide resources or determine any appropriate action.

What types of behaviors might be cause for concern?

While no list can be exhaustive, the following are signs of troubling behaviors you may notice in yourself or others:

  • Direct statements indicating distress, family problems, or loss
  • Angry or hostile outbursts, yelling or aggressive tone
  • Expressions of hopelessness, worthlessness, tearfulness, or crying
  • Expressions of severe anxiety or irritability
  • Deterioration in physical appearance or personal hygiene
  • Noticeable cuts, scratches, bruises, or burns
  • Frequent or chronic illness
  • Smelling of alcohol

If you are concerned for your welfare or for the well-being of a UTC Faculty or Staff member then call 425-CARE today. For concerns related to UTC Students please refer to the Response Guide for Assisting Students of Concern.

If you would like to submit a concern for a UTC Faculty or Staff member anonymously then you can phone 425-CARE and elect to remain anonymous or click the following link to submit an anonymous concern electronically: UTCares Online Referral Form.

For ALL emergencies, especially after hours of normal operation and weekends, please contact Public Safety at 423-425-4357(HELP).


Questions? Contact us at:

Human Resources Center
720 McCallie Ave
Chattanooga, TN  37403