UTC Leadership Development Initiative

Through a variety of communication mechanisms in 2011/2012 - Employee Engagement Survey, Management Training Survey, and Leadership Development Focus Group Sessions, many of you indicated interest in leadership development, management training, and improved supervisor communication. 

A faculty/staff task force for Leadership Development has been working with the Office of Human Resources to develop a new approach to leadership development on our campus.  The result is the UTC Leadership Development Initiative, designed to help our current and aspiring leaders to develop and hone their management and leadership skills.

The evolving UTC Leadership Development Initiative consists of three components:

  1. "Leaders Leading Leaders" series
  2. Leadership Certificate
  3. Leadership Cohort

1: "Leaders Leading Leaders" series

Sessions will be facilitated by experienced leaders who have been asked to choose a leadership topic of special concern and interest to them, giving participants the chance to network with leaders at all levels and to learn from their unique insights informed by experience within the context of our own university.

Chancellor Grady Bogue kicked off the initiative on January 30th of 2013 with an engaging 90-minute leadership seminar on A Vision of the Leadership Role: Transforming Cultures of Blame into Cultures of Responsibility. Other sessions in the series have been presented by UT system and UTC leaders. Additional UTC leaders preparing leadership sessions for the series include:

  • Richard Brown – Executive Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration
  • Chuck Cantrell – Associate Vice Chancellor of Communication and Marketing
  • Sandy Cole – Director of Center for Community Career Education
  • John Delaney – Vice Chancellor for Student Development
  • Yancy Freeman - Assistant Provost of Enrollment Services
  • Vanasia Parks – Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance
  • Dan Webb – Director of Human Resources

2: Leadership Certificate

Designed to enhance management and leadership competencies of current and aspiring leaders with a development curriculum that includes a core of required sessions and electives from a broad range of topics.

The Leadership Development Certificate consists of a set of seven (7) required core courses - Strategic Planning; Building a Team; Legal Aspects of Leadership; Fiscal Policies & Budgeting; Performance Management; Communication Skills for Leaders; and Preventing Harassment. These courses are designed to address the foundational competencies of leadership at any level in the organization. An additional five (5) elective courses can be chosen at your discretion to complete the required 12-course certificate program. Session attendance will be recorded to monitor progress towards certificate achievement.

3: Leadership Cohort

Designed to serve as a learning community for current and aspiring campus leaders, the Leadership Cohort as currently conceived would consist of a group of 10 to 12 leaders on campus nominated by their senior division administrator. This learning community would go through leadership training together, meet regularly to discuss latest leadership seminar topic, work toward Leadership Certification together, and be involved in other leadership development activities. We are hoping that the 2013 cohort will establish a model to be replicated annually. More details to come!