The Office of Human Resources offers several certifications depending upon your area of interest. Current certifications include: 


Leadership Certification

A Leadership Certification was designed to enhance the management and leadership competencies of current and aspiring leaders through curriculum including a core of seven required sessions with an additional five elective course requirements among a broad range of topics. It is our philosophy that leadership can exist at any level of the organization and for that reason this certificate is open to all employees regardless of the presence of management responsibilities within their professional position at the university. Visit our Leadership Development Initiative website for more information.



ModelNetics presents a broad range of organizational and managerial concepts through models which function as guides to individual thought and action.  Understanding and use of the models enables participants to effectively leverage knowledge gained from the program with past experience to improve communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and leadership skills. The program is comprehensive and organized around ten topical sessions that cover the full range of administrative responsibilities and concerns.

ModelNetics is a unique, highly effective, and affordable management training program that has been offered on this campus and throughout the UT system for more than 25 years and is currently one of the principal components of our campus’ management development program for faculty administrators and staff. Several of our senior administrators can attest to its usefulness, as can many directors, department heads and managers at all levels of the organization. Administrative staff and others in non-supervisory positions have also benefited from this unique program, gaining a better understanding of how organizations of all kinds operation and how they can be more effective in their jobs and in organizational activities outside of the University. For a list of more than 100 UTC faculty and staff who have completed ModelNetics, please view the Training Hall of Fame.


STAR Achievement

The Star Achievement Series® is designed for administrative support assistants and teaches you how to change your thinking and change your life. Star is a holistic, encompassing whole-person response to the “silo” of modern life. Star shows how to put the many confusing puzzle pieces together to achieve balance, success, great results, good attitude, leadership as a way of life, and good ethics and values as you learn how to make a choice to embrace the Star philosophy.

Level I will provide a rich, holistic overview to build and shape a strong foundation. Concepts and precepts are introduced in layers, with strategic thinking philosophies overlaid onto tasks, attitudes, values, and work ethics. A heavy emphasis is placed on confidence building, growth, communication and conflict resolution, with specific tools and steps so that participants can successfully navigate through office politics, down turns, personal fears and avoidance of growth initiatives.

Level II builds and advances maturing competencies with emphasis on self-management, goal attainment (delayed gratification and self-discipline) and executing a plan for development of life-long growth patterns. Additional skillsets are introduced, and a higher level of leadership is taught so that participants are taken higher, into what it really means to become someone’s “right hand,” a trusted ambassador, a stellar communicator and a “Radar-like” administrative professional who anticipates, is proactive and always presents a professional image to his or her best advantage.