Career Development Fund

The Career Development Fund was established and is maintained by the gifts and donations of UTC employees through the University's Annual Giving Program. The continuation of the fund depends upon the support of UTC employees. The purpose of the fund is to provide non-exempt staff of the University the opportunity to participate in job and career-related development activities. Monies from the fund are expended to provide total or partial support for employee participation in approved on or off campus activities.

Employees are encouraged to apply to the fund for assistance when they believe participation in a program or activity will contribute to their professional growth. The Career Development Fund Committee consisting of UTC employees appointed by the Chancellor, reviews requests and approves funding for those activities, which fall within the guidelines printed below.

If you would like to contribute to the Career Development Fund, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 425-4221.


The following guidelines govern the expenditure of monies from the Career Development Fund (CDF):

1. To be eligible to participate in the Career Development Fund, an applicant must be a regular, non-exempt employee of UTC for at least one year.
2. Activities supported must be job or career-related and must be mutually beneficial to the employee and the University. Funds will not be approved to attend professional meetings unless training directly related to an employee's job is offered and attended.
3. An individual employee's use of the Career Development Fund may not exceed $150 in any fiscal year. Reimbursement for CAP review course or test (formerly CPS) is limited to $150 maximum.
4.  Applications must include published material describing the program or activity and, if needed, approval of Department Head (see application form). Approved requests will remain active for 2 years.
5. Applications for support will be accepted by the committee at any time during the fiscal year. The application process must be completed in advance of the program or activity.
6.  Requests for CDF expenditures must be reviewed by the CDF Committee and approved by a majority of the committee members. When the full committee cannot convene because of time constraints, requests for CDF expenditures of $100 or less may be approved by the Director of Human Resources or his appointee and one other committee member.
7. The CDF will not be used to fund courses in conjunction with the University's fee waiver program.
8. Funds will not be approved to finance membership in any type of organization, reimburse departmental expenditures, or to purchase textbooks. Funds will not be approved to attend professional meetings unless training relates directly to a University job is offered and attended.
9. CDF monies can be applied toward the cost of professional certification exams, including CAP, for employees who successfully complete certification.
10. Group training programs may be funded if approved by the committee. CDF funds may cover trainer fees and related expenses for conducting such group programs.
11. Reimbursement for approved requests must be made in writing within 30 days after the completion date of the supported program or activity or the notification of certificate. The fund will not reimburse any monies until the approved activity or course is completed.
12. Reimbursement requests must include evidence of payment for participation in the program or activity.
13.  Funds will be maintained in a restricted account designated as the "Career Development Fund" which will be monitored by the Office of Human Resources.
14.  The committee reserves the right to change any of these guidelines at any time without notice.


Updated March 26, 2013

Application Process

Complete the Career Development Fund application and submit along with program description to: Julie Brown, Employee Relations Manager, Office of Human Resources, Dept 3603. You will be notified in writing when your application is approved/unapproved.