Time Off

Annual and Sick Leave

Policies for annual (vacation) and sick leave for regular staff and 12-month faculty.

Court Leave

Policy for court leave.

Funeral and Bereavement Leave

Policy for time off due to bereavement and to attend a funeral.

Holidays and Administrative Closings

Policy governing eligibility for holidays and administrative closings.

Personal Leave

Policy governing personal leave (day) for regular, non-exempt employees.

Parental Participation Act

In June 2006, Governor Bredesen signed into law a bill enabling state employees to voluntarily participate in certain prescribed educational activities which "enables parents to more fully observe and understand the school, the faculty, the students and the educational and teaching activities." 
The legislation states employees with children enrolled in schools may take leave up to one day per month to voluntarily participate in these activities with the approval of the department or the employee's supervisor. The intent of this law is to provide support for employees wanting to become more involved in their child's educational process. It does not provide additional leave days to employees. Employees wishing to participate in educational activities should request the use of annual leave [HR0305, Annual Leave (Vacation)] or take leave without pay. Like any request for leave, a supervisor's approval is needed. Also, the law states supervisors may request participating employees to provide documentation from the school of their participation. If you have any questions about this law and its implications, contact Laure Pou, Executive Director, Human Resources.