Vision Insurance

The State of Tennessee Voluntary Vision benefits is administered by Davis Vision.

  • The network will change. It is important to check the network for your provider and other providers in your area. You can look for your provider by going to There is not a specific network name to enter.
  • There are many added values to this year’s Voluntary Vision benefits, including an increased allowance for frames, lenses and contact lenses.

Eligible employees can choose from two Voluntary Vision options:

  • Basic Plan: Offers discounted rates and allowances for services.
  • Expanded Plan: Provides services with a combination of copays, greater allowances than the Basic Plan and discounted rates.

Both plans offer the same services, including:

  • Routine eye exam once every calendar year
  • Frames once every two calendar years
  • Choice of eyeglass lenses or contact lenses once every calendar year
  • Discount on LASIK/refractive surgery