Dependents eligible for Insurance



Dependents eligible for insurance are your spouse (legally married); natural or adopted children (regardless of where they live); stepchildren, if you or your spouse has legal or joint custody or shared parenting; children living in the home for whom you are the legal guardian. Dependent children are eligible for coverage through the last day of the month of their 26th birthday.


Which dependents are not eligible?
Dependents not eligible for insurance are ex-spouse (even if court ordered); parents of the employee or spouse; foster children; children in the armed forces on a full-time basis; children over age 26 (unless they meet qualifications for incapacitation); live-in companions who are not legally married to the employee.


Dependent Eligibility Verification Documents
Please refer to this list for documents required for dependent eligibility verification. The employee has 60 days to provide a Social Security number for newborns or other dependents. Note: Documentation required for dependents must accompany paperwork. Please note: Optional Term Life offered through Minnesota Life requires application for coverage within 31 days of the occurrence to add dependents.