Additional Benefits

Computer Loan

Tenured faculty or faculty in a tenure track position having completed one year of service and non-tenure track faculty and other employees in an approved regular position having completed two years of service with the university will be eligible for an interest-free computer loan. A loan to an individual cannot exceed $1,500 or 90% of the total purchase price. The minimum amount of a single loan to an individual is $500. The maximum period for repayment of loan cannot exceed 18 months. The balance of computer loan must be paid upon termination or resignation of UTC employment. For more information, contact Eve Cartee at 425-4057 or email Loan Application

Employee Fee Waiver

Regular full-time staff and faculty may enroll at any UT campus without payment of in-state maintenance fees and tuition for a maximum of nine (9) semester undergraduate or graduate credit hours per semester. Regular full-time staff and faculty, with 100% effort, may take up to 1 course (4 hours) at any TN Board of Regents institution.

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Fee Discount for Spouse/Dependent

Regular full-time employees, 100% effort, are eligible for a student fee discount for their spouses and dependent children, 26 years of age and under, who have been admitted to the university or TN Board of Regents institution as undergraduate students through standard admission procedures.

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Longevity Pay

Regular full-time employees and regular part-time employees working at least 82.05%, who have completed at least 36 months of service at 82.05% receive an annual longevity payment for each year of eligible service, $100/year up to a maximum of $3000. Credit is given for prior State of Tennessee service, and for term positions that were 40 hours/week exactly prior to the date hired as regular (82.05% or more). Longevity pay is distributed on approximately the 19th of the month (view Payroll calendars) following the employee's longevity anniversary month. You may defer your longevity before income tax but after Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Notary Public

A notary confirms the authenticity of a signature. A photo ID is required and signature must be made in the presence of a notary when requesting notarization of a document. It is suggested that you phone prior to visiting an office to ensure that a notary will be available.

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Sick Leave Bank

The UTC Sick Leave Bank is a common pool of hours to which staff and 12-month faculty donate some of their accumulated leave. Any regular staff or 12-month faculty member, who accrues sick leave and has a current sick leave balance of at least 48 hours on June 30 is eligible to join. The enrollment period is each year from April 1 - June 30.

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