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Leading at the Speed of Trust Graduates


Ron Baker, Information Technology
Kendra Biggs, Human Resources
John Boe, Campus Law Enforcement
Lisa Darger, Facilities Planning
Sandy Dodd, Bursar
Tom Ellis, Facilities Planning
Tyler Forrest, Budget & Finance
Kelli Flood, Facilities Planning
Faith Garner, Safety & Risk Management
Rosite George, Equity & Diversity
Craig Hamilton, Campus Law Enforcement
Melissa Hays, Procurement & Contracts
Donnie Hodge, Facilities Planning
Tom Hoover, Information Technology
Bob Jackson, Safety & Risk Management
Kellie Karaky, Campus Law Enforcement
Susan Lazenby, Information Technology
Staci Lee, Human Resources
Robert Mullins, Safety & Risk Management
Nancy Neal, Bursar
Tony Parsley, Information Technology
Laure Pou, Human Resources
Tim Pridemore, Safety & Risk Management
Michelle Prince, Auxiliary Services
Charlene Ragland, Equity & Diversity
Bob Ratchford, Campus Law Enforcement
Robie Robinson, Public Safety
Bryan Samuel, Equity & Diversity
Chris Sherbesman, Budget & Finance
Chris Silver, Office of the Vice Provost
Chip Verner, Facilities Planning
Obie Webster, Arena
Michal Wells, Facilities Planning
Danny West, Facilities Planning
Jeffrey Wetherill, Information Technology