Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Graduates

Nancy Badger, Counseling & Personal Development

Nikki Bonnington, College of Health, Education & Prof Studies
Jim Bowman (retired), Technology Support Services
Pat Boyer (retired), Bursar

Ron Buffington, Art
Sue Carroll, Fine Arts

Antoine Carson, Upward Bound

Dan Chase (retired), Information Technology
Sherlin Clark (retired), Library

Alicia Coller, Talent Search

Angelique Cook, Psychology
Donna Cooper, Career & Student Employment
Amy Davis, Mocs One
Stan Davis, Accounting

Shayla Davison-Brown, Financial Aid

Maria Derrick (retired), Partnerships & Sponsored Programs
Michael Dinkins, Information Technology

Heath Eslinger, Athletics

Christine Estoye, College of Business

Andrea Evans, College of Business
Stephanie Evans, School of Nursing
Jennifer Faires, Office of the Provost 
Linda Gehron, Dean-Arts & Sciences

Debbie Giles, Physical Therapy
Heather Heinlein, Mathematics
Karyn Herrin, Information Technology

Ericka Hill, Advisement
Jeannie Hill (retired), Auxiliary Services
Linda Hill, School of Nursing
Valerah Hodges (retired), Purchasing
Victor Howell, Purchasing
Beatrice Hudson (retired), Library
Layton Jackson (retired), Library
Sandra Jones, College of Health, Education, & Professional Studies

Demetria Jordan, Upward Bound
Kellie Karaky, Public Safety
Jeff Kell (retired), Computer Center
Tricia King, Biological & Env Sciences
Anna Lane, Lupton Library
Susan Lazenby, Information Technology
April Matthews, Institutional Research

Virginia Moore, Accounting Services
Kristen Noblit, Institutional Research
Carla Odom (retired), Library
Carol Oglesby, Student Health Services

Michelle Oliver, Gear UP
Tony Parsley, IT Solutions Center
Michelle Pelfrey, Psychology
Meredith Perry, Research & Sponsored Programs
Laure Pou, Human Resources
Joyce Powell (retired), Development
Martha Rawlings (retired), Library
Diane Reed (retired), Enrollment Services
Michelle Rigler, Disability Resource Center
Melanie Sadler, Human Resources
Julie Sanders, College of Computer Science & Engineering
Mary Scott (retired), Vice Chancellor
Jordan Spencer, Student Technology Lab
David Stallings, Facilities Planning & Management
Glenda Sullivan (retired), Computer Center

Cindy Taylor, Institutional Research
Kathy Taylor, Human Resources
Adrienne Teague, Alumni Affairs
Malerie Thompson, Mocs One
Roberta Thurmond, Information Technology
Nancy Tolar (retired), Chemistry & Physics
Charity Trillet, Information Technology
Matthew Turso, Network Services
Barbara Verhine (retired), Office of the Chancellor
Ellie Wallis, Challenger Center

Stacye Watson, School of Nursing
Barbara Webb, Information Technology
Danny West, Facilities Planning & Management

Bettina Wilkes, Financial Aid
Jess Williams, IT Solutions Center