Onboarding for Staff Hires

Colleagues representing the Office of the Chancellor, OED, Library, IT, Bursar, Campus Recreation, Communications and Marketing, Housing, Honors College, Athletics and Human Resources have worked diligently to develop this pilot program designed to help newcomers get a good start on their job at UTC.

Why an Onboarding Program? 

Research shows that 90% of new employees decide in the first six months of employment if they will stay with an organization for the long term. 

The UTC Onboarding Program is designed to be our “on ramp” to the University… a welcoming and engaging means to acclimate new employees into the UTC culture and to give both employees and their supervisors tools to build collaboration and insure employee success during the first six months on the job. Additionally, there are mandatory training requirements associated with state and federal statutes which must be covered with new employees. Onboarding provides the platform to disseminate and track campus compliance concerning issues such as Title IX, Title VII, Accessibility, campus safety, etc.  Training credit hours fulfilling UT Policy HR0128 will be awarded to new employees upon completion of the Onboarding program.

In addition to providing new employees with essential information, the Onboarding Program provides opportunities for building support networks and friendships through a series of meetings conveniently spaced during the course of the new employee’s first six months.

Onboarding sessions are held twice monthly at 1:00 p.m. in the University Center. Room is noted in calendar below.

You may also wish to refer to the New Employee Checklist designed as a resource for new hires  to get up and running within the first few weeks of employment.  Items included in this checklist offer opportunities to become familiar navigating the UTC webpage and affords active ownership in the establishment of their UTC presence. 

The New Employee Checklist for Supervisors is a tool to assist supervisors in preparing for the new employee and to help him/her get a good start on the job.

New Hire Orientation will continue to be conducted by HR staff to provide essential and timely information about benefits and other topics needed during the first month of employment. Based on feedback we have received from many sources and the counsel of our Onboarding Team, the format, content and time of our New Hire Orientation has been changed to increase its relevance, convenience and general usefulness to our new employees. New Hire Orientation for staff is held twice monthly from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

2018 Onboarding Session Calendar