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ModelNetics Graduates

Valerie Adams, Lupton Library
Vickie Adkison, Faculty Records
Phillip Allen, Technology Support Services
Andrea Anderson-Schurr, Lupton Library
Nancy Badger, Counseling & Personal Development
Gayle Barrett, Purchasing
David Bean, Technology Support Services
Debbie Bell, University Honors
Kendra Biggs, Human Resources
Jim Bowman (retired), Help Desk
Bob Boyer, Fine Arts
Pat Boyer (retired), Bursar
Twyler Boykin, Upward Bound Math/Science: PRISM
Ruth Bradford (retired), Computer Center
Pat Branam (retired), Development
Kimberly Brooks, Financial Aid
Nicole Brown, Communication
Richard Brown, Finance and Administration
Mary Jean Broyles, Housing & Residence Life
Jennifer Buckles, Financial Aid
Doug Burkhart, Housing & Residence Life
Kristen Carnell, Computer Center
Cindy Carroll (retired), Communications and Marketing
Troy Carroll, Teaching Resource Center
Chris Charland, Grounds
Penny Cheruk, College of Health, Education & Prof Studies
Andrew Clark, Financial Aid
Sharon Clemmer (retired), Housing
Sandy Cole, Center for Community Career Ed
David Conner (retired), Computer Center
Donna Cooper, Career and Student Employment
Beth Crawford, School of Professional Studies 
Jean Dake (retired), Career & Student Employment
Kay Dalzell, Bursar
Lisa Darger, Facilities Planning & Management
Amy Davis, Mocs One
Nancy Davis (retired), Facilities Planning & Management
John Delaney, Student Development
Terry Denniston, Office of the Chancellor
Maria Derrick (retired), Research & Sponsored Programs
Michael Dinkins, Computer Center
Deadra Dixson, Bursar
Sandy Dodd, Bursar
Todd Doman, Research & Sponsored Programs
Maurice Dorsey, University Center
Joan Dunn (retired), Office of the Provost
Tom Ellis, Facilities Planning & Management
Jennifer Faires, Office of the Provost
Kelli Flood, Facilities Planning & Management
Emily Forrest, Development
Tyler Forrest, Budget and Finance
John Freeman (retired), School of Education
Yancy Freeman, Enrollment Services
Richard Gambrell (retired), Banner

Sue Garrett, Purchasing
Linda Gehron, Dean-Arts & Sciences
Debbie Giles, Physical Therapy
Lisa Gladden (retired), Safety & Risk Management
Danny Grant (retired), Budget and Finance
Reed Gregory, Systems & Security
Morgan Grinstead, Computer Center
Julae Grosz, Financial Aid
Adam Groves, Grounds
Richard Gruetzemacher (retired), Institutional Research
Maggie Hall, Accounting Services
Ryan Hall, Housing & Residence Life
Craig Hamilton, Campus Law Enforcement
Mark Harvey, School of Nursing
Shirley Hatfield, Bursar
Karyn Herrin, Information Technology
Jim Hicks, Student Development
Sam Hicks, Network Services
Charles Hill, Building Services
Jeannie Hill (retired), Auxiliary Services
Cindy Hornsby, Children's Center
Tom Hoover, Information Technology
Deborah Hyde, Office of the Provost
Ranece Iglus, Bursar
Layton Jackson (retired), Lupton Library
Angie Johnson, Research & Sponsored Programs
Bill Johnson, Banner
Jina Johnson, Human Resources
Phillip Johnson, Human Resources
Tim Johnson, Housing & Residence Life
Sandra Jones, College of Health, Education & Prof Studies
Tim Jones, Student Health Services
Ken Kapelinski (retired), Arena
Lance Keatley, Telecommunications
Barbara Keegan (retired), Facilities Planning & Management
Jeff Kell (retired), Network Services
Ted Kennel, Telecommunications
Matt Keys, Computer Center
Mike Kite, Computer Center
Anna Lane, Lupton Library
Susan Lazenby, Information Technology
Stephen Leather, Computer Center
Luis Leon, Telecommunications
Rodger Ling, Nursing
Karen Loftin, Budget and Finance
Tonia Martin, Banner Support Systems
April Matthews, Institutional Research
Alexa McClellan, Research Integrity
Deardra McGee, Advisement
Dale Mobley, Housing & Residence Life
Deb Montgomery, Development
Virginia Moore, Budget and Finance
Michelle Morales, Auxiliary Services
Marcus Myers, Information Technology
Kristin Nalley, Theatre & Speech
Nancy Neal, Bursar
Ron Nelson (retired), Campus Recreation
Linda Orth (retired), Records
Lindsay Pardue, Research Integrity
Debbie Parker (retired), Budget and Finance
Vanasia Parks, Budget and Finance
Mary Parrish (retired), Building Services
Tony Parsley, Information Technology
Meredith Perry, Research & Sponsored Programs
Jim Pilgrim, Information Technology
Matt Pope, Athletics
Laure Pou, Human Resources
Joyce Powell (retired), Development
Louise Prevo (retired), Bursar
Cindee Pulliam (retired), Auxiliary Services
Jim Pulliam, Safety & Risk Management
Barbara Ray (retired), School of Education
Jeff Rector, Financial Aid

Robbie Reel, Computer Center
Ginny Reese, Admissions
Mark Rehm, Counseling and Personal Development
Jean Rice, Budget and Finance
Phyllis Robinson (retired), Disbursements
Doris Roensch, School of Education
Frankie Roeser (retired), Information Technology
Michael Roeser, College of Engineering & Computer Science
Melanie Sadler, Human Resources
Val Sample, Housing & Residence Life
Julie Sanders, College of Engineering & Computer Science
Charles Scott (retired), Purchasing
Mary Scott (retired), Vice Chancellor
Michael Scott, Telecommunications
Tracy Scott III, Telecommunications
Carrie Sherbesman, New Student & Family Programs

Chris Sherbesman, Budget and Finance
Doug Silver (retired), Facilities Planning & Management
Ben Simpson, Network Services
Bud Sisler, Facilities Planning & Management
Shannon Smith (retired), University Center
Bob Snider (retired), Facilities Planning & Management
Janet Spraker (retired), Facilities Planning & Management
Cynthia Stanley-Cash (retired), Disbursements
David Stallings, Facilities Planning & Management
Sandra Steakley (retired), Computer Center
Sue Stephens, Facilities Planning & Management
Mark Stone (retired), Fine Arts
Mark Stotts, Telecommunications
Jackie Strand, Human Resources
Glenda Sullivan (retired), Computer Center
Cindy Taylor, Institutional Research
Kathy Taylor, Human Resources
Malerie Thompson, Mocs One
Shelbey Thompson, Safety & Risk Management
Sandy Thornton, Campus Recreation
Roberta Thurmond, Banner
Nancy Tolar (retired), Chemistry & Physics
Michael Torres, Banner
Charity Trillet, Information Technology
Barbara Verhine (retired), Office of the Chancellor
Chip Verner, Facilities Planning & Management
Michael Ward, Academic Research Computing Services
Barbara Webb, Information Technology
Dan Webb, Human Resources
Obie Webster, Arena
Michal Wells, Facilities Planning & Management
Danny West, Facilities Planning & Management
Jeffrey Wetherill, Information Technology
Baley Whary, Research & Sponsored Programs
Jess Williams, Information Technology
Phyllis Williams, Parking Services
Carling Wilson, Housing & Residence Life
Monty Wilson (retired), Information Technology
Jane Womack (retired), English
Sandy Zitkus, Records
Terry Zimmer (retired), Arts & Sciences