ESC Title Yellow-Blue

ESC Representatives and Alternates

Term - May 2018 through April 2020


Chair:  Christine Estoye
Vice Chair:  Chris Sherbesman

Group 1:  Graduate School; Institutional Research; Office of the Provost; Research & Sponsored Programs; Research Integrity; Walker Center for Teaching & Learning; URaCE (Undergraduate Research)
Representative: Todd Doman, Research & Sponsored Programs
Alternate: Dawn Ford, Center for Teaching & Learning

Group 2: Admissions; Advisement; Banner Student Information Systems; Records
Representative: Tonia Martin, Banner Student Systems
Alternate: Ginny Reese, Admissions

Group 3: Challenger STEM Learning Center; Office of the Chancellor; Center for Community Career Ed; Educational Opportunity Center; Gear UP; Radio Station; Southeast Center for Education in the Arts; Student Support Services; Talent Search; Communications and Marketing; Upward Bound; Upward Bound Math/Science
Representative: Sandy Cole, Center for Communication Career Ed
Alternate: Perry Storey, Challenger STEM Learning Center

Group 4: Biology, Geology & Environmental Science; Chemistry & Physics; College of Business; College of Engineering & Computer Science; Sim Center
Representative: Christine Estoye, College of Business
Alternate: Nikki Ownby, College of Business

Group 5: Children's Center; Education about Asia; Health & Human Performance; Integrated Studies; Physical Therapy; School of Education; School of Professional Studies; Honors College; Art; Communication; Fine Arts Center; Psychology; Social, Cultural & Justice Studies; Music; Dean - College of Arts & Sciences
Representative: Jessica Pierce, Health & Human Performance
Alternate: Andy Browne, Criminal Justice

Group 6: Athletics
Representative: Jim Horten
Alternate: Anne Wehunt

Group 7: Accounting Services; Arena; Auxiliary Services; Bursar; Budget & Finance; Campus Law; Equity & Diversity; Facilities Planning & Management; Human Resources; Mocs Card; Public Safety; Procurement & Contract Services; Public Safety; Safety & Risk Management
Representative: Chris Sherbesman, Budget & Finance
Alternate: Vanasia Parks, Accounting Services/Bursar

Group 8:  Library IT; Network Services; Information Technology; Telecommunications
Representative: Barbara Webb, Information Technology
Alternate: Susan Lazenby, Information Technology

Group 9: Counseling Center; Disability Resource Center; Center for Women and Gender Equity; Student Health Services; School of Nursing; University Center; Multicultural Affairs
Representative: Emily Quinn, Disability Resource Center
Alternate: Lindsey Greiner, School of Nursing

Group 10: Enrollment Services; Financial Aid & Scholarships; New Student & Family Programs; Mocs One Center; Center for Global Education; Center for Professional Education; University Career Services
Representative: Robert Millan, Financial Aid & Scholarships
Alternate: Amy Davis, Mocs One Center

Group 11: Dean of Students; Campus Recreation; Housing & Residence Life
Representative: Ryan Hall, Housing & Residence Life
Alternate: Danny Grzesik, Dean of Students