Employee Relations Organizations

Employee Relations Advisory Board

The system-wide Employee Relations Advisory Board serves as an advisory group to the president with respect to University policies, programs and practices.

The board meets quarterly—either in-person or by video conference—and consists of Employee Relations Committee members elected by their committee peers.

This board consists of:

  • president or designee - chair
  • executive vice president
  • senior vice president and chief financial officer
  • general counsel
  • treasurer
  • chief human resources officer
  • board member from each campus or institute committee elected by committee member

Employee Relations Committee (ERC)

The purpose of the Employee Relations Committee is to provide a direct channel of two-way communication between University administration and regular non-exempt employees for information and advisory purposes. The ERC will serve as a means for University administration to disseminate information concerning plans and programs affecting non-exempt University staff. It will also serve as a forum by which non-exempt employees can discuss issues of general concern to them.

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Exempt Staff Council (ESC)

The purpose of the Exempt Staff Council is to serve as a direct channel of two-way communication between regular exempt staff and senior University administration by: providing University administration with an effective method of soliciting and disseminating information concerning plans and programs of interest to regular exempt staff; serving as an advisory body to the Chancellor with respect to policies, programs and practices; affording a systematic means for exempt staff participation in the operation of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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