Dental Insurance

Regular full-time or regular part-time (75%+) appointments are eligible to enroll in one of two dental plans. Coverage will begin the first day of the month following completion of one full calendar month of employmentThe dental plans we offer are the Cigna Dental DHMO Prepaid Plan and Met Life Dental Preferred Provider Organization. Comparison of Cigna and MetLife 2017 dental plans


Transferring Plans

Transferring dental plans may be done only during Annual Transfer/Open Enrollment Period. This is the only time of the year when participants can make changes in their insurance coverage. Changes in coverage will become effective on January 1.


Canceling Insurance
Cancellation is not permitted outside of the Annual Transfer/Open Enrollment Period unless the covered person experiences a qualifying event or family status change.

Cigna Dental DHMO

You must choose a primary care dentist from the network; however, each family member may choose a different dentist. If you do not select a dentist, one will be assigned to you.  Find a provider online or phone (800) 997-1617.


There are some copays for dental procedures; some procedures at no charge; no claim forms to submit; pre-existing conditions are covered; no maximum benefit levels; no deductibles; 25% discount on all orthodontic services; no age or dollar maximum restrictions on orthodontics.


Met Life Dental Preferred Provider

MetLife is the preferrred provider vendor.  Find a provider online (enter State of Tennessee as the account sign-in) or phone (855) 700-8001.  

Some services require waiting periods and limitations and exclusions apply. No deductible per individual for in-network provider; $100 deductible per individual for out-of-network provider; benefits for covered services paid at the lesser of dentist charge or the scheduled amount; $1,500 annual maximum benefit per person.