Achievements Submission Form

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, April 22.

As achievements are listed in the form below, please italicize titles of books, magazines, journals, newspapers, plays, long musical works, titles of computer software, collections of poetry.  Use quotation marks for minor titles—short stories, essays, short poems, songs, articles from periodicals, subdivisions of books, titles of television and radio shows.

Examples of achievements include:

  • Was invited to review two music theory textbooks in 2009 for Oxford University Press in preparation for possible new editions of The Complete Musician, by Steven Laitz, and From Sound to Symbol, by Michael Houlihan.
  • Elected as Vice Chair for the Chattanooga’s Mayor’s Council for Disability on May 4, 2009. Will serve one year in the position.
  • Attended the Science and Its Publics Workshop at the Rhetoric Society of America’s Third Biennial Summer Institute at Pennsylvania State University in June 2009.

*All fields are required for proper submission.