Summer Camps & Conference Housing Guidelines

Accommodations Available June 1-July 31


Basic Guidelines

When considering your housing numbers, please make sure your numbers include participants, coaches/chaperones (spouse & children of coaches), and staff.  Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to stay in on-campus housing.The housing options below are subject to change, based on renovation projects and budgetary concerns. 


Groups under 50 participants

  • Staff Available 24 hours a day
  • Assigned a Conference Manager to help with logistics/planning
  • Check Ins & Check Outs: Completed by conference/camp coordinator
  • Housing will provide you the keys & apartment number at least 24 hours prior to camp/conference.


Groups Over 51 participants

  • Staff Available 24 hours a day
  • Assigned a Conference Manager to help with logistics/planning
  • Check Ins & Checkouts: Completed by housing staff:
    • 51-150 participants: staff available for 2 hours on check in/out day
    • 151-300 participants: staff available for 3 hours on check in/out day 
    • 301-600 participants: staff available for 4 hours on check in/out day 
    • 601+ participants: staff available on check in/out day (hours determined by each groups needs)
  • If additional times are needed for early arrivals, late arrivals, early departures, late departures then an administrative fee will be charged to the camp/conference


Community Rooms available in most locations at a rate of $25/day (charges begin the day you pick up key to the community room and ends the day that all of your things are removed and key is returned to UTC Housing).  Please note that complexes with available community rooms include Boling, UC Foundation, and Lockmiller Apartments. The Stagmaier community room and kitchen are available for use but cannot be reserved for any specific group. Please note, utilizing the community space as retail space is prohibited.  All requests for retail accommodations should be directed to Auxiliary Services.


Chaperones and Counselors

Supervision Needed. Please provide the following chaperone coverage:

** Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to stay in on-campus housing.

  • 1 adult per 25 student 13-18 years old is required.
  • These supervisors will act as the liaison between the Conference Housing Staff in the event of discipline, noise or destructive behavior.
  • At least one week prior to the camps arrival, group should provide a list of names of those adults that will be staying on campus.
  • If groups are not able to provide adequate supervision, then Housing will hire Campus Security or an outside security agency to monitor the group between the hours of 5:00pm and 8:00am.  Camp/Conference group will be charged the cost + 5%.


Building Access Cards

  • Cards will be signed out to a specific guest.
  • Cards will be returned and signed back in immediately after check-out.
  • Cards will only be assigned and distributed to adult chaperones/guests only.
  • Minors will not be issued access cards. .


Packing Suggestions

As you prepare your group for check-in, there are a few things you should consider when telling them what they will need to bring. Each Conference Housing room is air-conditioned and equipped with extra-long single beds, dressers, desks and chairs. Here is a list of items that you should find useful in making your stay enjoyable as well as comfortable.

  • Linens: Pack sheets, blanket/comforter, pillow, towels and toiletries.
  • Other items that you may want to include: Alarm clock, hangers, and a clothes iron.
  • Telecommunications: Rooms are equipped with a modular jack. Local calls are free. Long distance service is available with a calling card or by calling collect. Each apartment and room has ethernet and wireless internet.
  • Laundry: detergent, dryer sheets, quarters for community laundry rooms. 


For additional campus arrangements please contact each department directly:


For further information regarding the stay on campus, please contact 423-425-4304 or email




Housing and University Policies

UTC is a DRY campus. “Use, possession, or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages on University-owned property is forbidden. This includes alcohol containers whether empty or decorative.  

Unlawful use, manufacture, possession, distribution, or dispensing of drugs or alcohol on university property or during university activities is forbidden.

Possession of items that are determined to be fire hazards are not allowed in the residence hall apartment rooms and/or public areas, include, but are not limited to, heaters/heating units, hookahs, halogen lamps, lamps with plastic shades, fog machines, candles (with or without wicks), outside antennae, flammable liquids, candle warmers, oil burners, or incense. Due to fire regulations, hot plates, microwaves, and other cooking appliances may not be used in bedrooms. Instead the provided kitchen area should be used.

Gambling is not allowed on campus.
The possession of firearms, knives, fireworks, or other types of weapons and explosives is not allowed in the residence halls or other University buildings and will be confiscated by Campus Police.
In the event that a key is lost, a $15.00 charge will be assessed to the individual before a replacement key will be issued. The same charge applies for keys not returned upon check-out. A refund will not be issued if the key is returned later.
No one under the age of 13 will be permitted to stay overnight.  please visit: minors on campus policy for the complete university policy.
Only fish tanks no larger than 10 gallons are allowed.  Otherwise, no animals are permitted.
To ensure a quality Conference Housing experience for you and other guests sharing the facilities, the hours between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m. are designated as Quiet Hours. Please keep noise to a minimum. Courtesy Hours are 24 hours a day.
If room damages occur to any residence hall building or room, the group will be charged for the damage. Information will be provided as to what room was damaged and which individuals occupied that room. Walk-throughs of the rooms will be done before the group arrives and upon their departure.
  • Describes prohibited conduct for students, faculty, and staff;
  • Explains multiple options for reporting sexual misconduct, relationship violence and stalking to the University;
  • Describes the procedures the University will follow for promptly, thoroughly, and equitably investigating and resolving reports of sexual misconduct, relationship violence and stalking in order to eliminate the misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects on a complainant or the University community;
  • Identifies resources for complainants;
  • Describes the University’s prevention and awareness programs relating to sexual misconduct, relationship violence and stalking; and
  • Implements the requirements of Title IX and the Clery Act (including amendments to the Clery Act made by the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act).

Smoking is prohibited inside all residence halls including bedroom, common area, and kitchen. Smoking is permitted outside 25 feet away from doorways, windows, and ventilation systems. Please note that hookahs are never permitted.

UTC will be a smoke free campus in 2019

Commercial publicity or solicitations are not allowed on campus. No person or groups are allowed to solicit in residence halls. If someone comes to your door, ask for identification and notify Housing staff immediately.