What is RASE?

To be able to carry out the duties and responsibilities of being on the Residence Life Staff all RAs meet once every week and go through the weekly training program called Resident Assistant Seminar Experience (RASE). The training session is overseen by the senior members of the Residence Life Staff.

These training sessions are designed to inform, educate and provide RAs with the tools to effectively deal with their positions in the residence halls. Various presenters speak to the RAs about different ways of handling various situations. To date we have had experts educate on topics such as fire safety, student health, domestic violence on campus, narcotics, alcohol, date rape, emotional counselling, and career development.

Apart from being a great learning experience, the staff also has an opportunity to meet with colleagues from other complexes. It is a friendly environment where the frontline members of the Residence Life staff come and share their concerns, happy occasions, and learn to deal with life a little better each week.

The regular RASE Meeting hours are on Thursdays (3:00 PM - 4:00 PM) in the Raccoon Mountain Room of the University Center.