UTC Housing Executive Board

President:  Matt Rigelsky

  • Email:  Matthew-Rigelsky@mocs.utc.edu
  • Year:  Sophomore
  • Major:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Minor:  Computer Science
  • Interests:  video games, sports, and electronics
  • Additional Campus Involvement:  

Vice President:  Sam Nienow

  • Email:  Samuel-Nienow@mocs.utc.edu
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Political Science
  • Minor: Economics
  • Interests:  Tampa Bay Buccaneer Football, Marvel comics, and ultimate frisbee
  • Additional Campus Involvement:  SGA Senator, CRU, UTC Student Foundation  

Secretary:  Chelsey Provenza

  • Email:  Chelsey-Provenza@mocs.utc.edu
  • Year:  Junior
  • Major: Pre-Med: Biology & Exercise Science
  • Minor:  Chemistry
  • Interests:  cooking, photography, exercise, and medicine
  • Additional Campus Involvement: UTC Crew (rowing), ARC lifeguard, Delta Zeta Sorority   

Treasurer:  Alyssa Ison

  • Email:  Alyssa-Ison@mocs.utc.edu
  • Year:  Sophomore
  • Major:  Chemistry (UTeach)
  • Minor:  Psychology
  • Interests:  teaching, cooking, and reading
  • Additional Campus Involvement: SGA Freshman Senate Advisor, Up Til Dawn, Circle K

National Communication Coordinator:  Stephen Turner

  • Email:  Stephen-Turner@mocs.utc.edu
  • Year:  Senior
  • Major:  Political Science
  • Minor:  English
  • Interests:  sports, arguments, and politics
  • Additional Campus Involvement: Lockmiller RA, Mock Trial, SGA, Pre-Law Club