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Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) provide residents a unique, inclusive residential learning experience that takes education outside of the classroom and allows residents to learn where they live alongside students with similar academic interests and values. RLCs create an environment for students to be educated through a unique experience that fosters learning, character development, maturity and individual growth. These communities will offer inclusion, exposure to a vast array of diversity, and help build lifelong relationships.  It is our belief that the learning experience is not limited to the four walls of the classroom and RLCs support our vision for growth, diversity, and responsible living. Our RLCs are classified as either a Living Learning Community or a Themed Learning Community.


Please Note: If you apply and are accepted to a RLC you will be assigned a room in the designated building. Please review the Housing Rates and complex amenities. 


Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide our students with a direct in-class experience. LLC residents take at least one course together in relation to the focus of their community.  These students interact not only in the classroom, but also within their assigned residential spaces. LLC residents participate in out of class experiences planned by the LLC faculty/staff partner and their LLC Resident Assistant (RA).


Business, LLC

Location: Walker Apartments
Living Learning Community
Sponsoring Department: Business Department
Contact: Sue Culpepper,, 423-425-4313

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BUSINESS, LLC Community offers first-year business students an exciting opportunity to live, learn, lead and serve as they prepare to become future business and community leaders. Using a network of community members, peer mentors, instructors and residence hall staff, students will make lasting connections and create a strong foundation for success at UTC and in life beyond college. The Business LLC fosters team work and creates a professional network, building connections in and out of the classroom to prepare “business world ready” students.


UTC Honors LLC

Location: Stagmaier Hall
Living Learning Community
Sponsoring Department: Honors College
Contact: Sherese Williams,, 423-425-5315 

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The UTC Honors LLC brings an energetic group of high achieving freshmen together to live in community and share some of the most unique academic experiences offered to new UTC students. UTC Honors takes two interdisciplinary, team-taught general education courses, each capped at 20 students, as well as a 1-credit course in which they explore their aptitude and develop ability to grow as leaders, collaborators, and creative problem solvers. The Honors Council, elected by the students, works together to craft a schedule of additional social and service programs. Incoming freshmen with at least a 26 ACT and 3.5 GPA are encouraged to apply for this “honorific” living learning community.


The NEST (Nurturing Effective and Successful Teachers)

Location: Stophel Apartments
Living Learning Community
Sponsoring Department: School of Education 
Contact: Vikki Bernotski,, 423-425-4212

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The NEST provides first-time, freshmen education majors or minors the opportunity to integrate their academic and social lives through common living spaces, class schedules, and outstide activities during their freshman year at UTC.  Members of The NEST work with an after-school program to increase their knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a reflective practictioner and future educator.  They will also engage in meaningful community events and activities to build relationships with education stakeholders and community leaders. 


College of Engineering and Computer Science, LLC

Location: Stophel Apartments 
Living Learning Community
Sponsoring Department: College of Engineering and Computer Science 
Contact: Dr. Neslihan Alp,, 423-425-2256

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The CECS, LLC will provide first-year students with a major in Engineering or Computer Science a unique opportunity to live and learn together.  Common courses will be taken during the fall and spring semester. In addition, there will be ongoing programming and events related to the course of study. 



Location: Stophel Apartments 
Living Learning Community
Sponsoring Department: The Graduate School
Contact: Ethan Carver, 423-425-5305

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The STEM ASPIRE, LLC is mainly designed for scholars who obtained the National Science Foundation Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Program. Students will live int he LLC for at least 2 years and participate in various activities to support their social and academic life at UTC. STEM ASPIRE students will take one credit hour course together during their first year to help them make the transition easier from high school to college, and to obtain knowledge and skills to develop and apply strategies to enhance academic success.


Themed Learning Communities

Themed Learning Communities (TLCs) are not connected to a specific academic course/discipline, but still provide residents with a unique experience.  TLC residents are provided with the opportunity to reside with other students sharing their common interests.  TLC residents participate in events coordinated by the TLC faculty/staff partner and the TLC RA. 

Transfer MOCS

Location: Decosimo Apartments 
Themed Learning Community
Sponsoring Department: Center for Advisement 
Contact: Sevan Paris,, 423-425-4573

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The Transfer MOCS, LLC will help with your transition to UTC. You will live among others with shared experiences and interest. The living learning community (LLC) will provide you with the support and tools needed to maintain a good academic standing. You will also be connected to social engagement opportunities and career preparation. This will all take place in a fun and relaxed environment. The program will also provide you the opportunity to volunteer in the community and build strong leadership skills.


Go Global

Location: Stophel Apartments 
Themed Learning Community
Sponsoring Department: Office of International Programs
Contact: Patricia Lin-Steadman,, 423-425-4735

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"Go Global!" allows UTC students to live with and learn from returning UTC international exchange students and new international exchange or ESL students from all over the world. Here, students will be able to practice speaking English, foster appreciation and respect for other cultures, and learn from other UTC students about Chattanooga and "The South". International students live with UTC students minoring or majoring in foreign languages, or international relations. 

Performing Arts

Location: Lockmiller Apartments 
Themed Learning Community
Sponsoring Department: 
Contact: Jordan Hicks,, 423-425-4601

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Designed for music and theatre majors. Programs will be geared towards furthering music and theatre performance by giving students opportunities to see live performances, attend rhythm/dance workshops and provide music theory assistance outside the classroom.