Information for Parents/Guardians

     We know that parents are invested in their student’s education in ways that go beyond tuition payments and home-cooked meals during breaks. Parents provide students with the support they need to grow academically and socially, and can help their students become mature, independent adults. 
     Each complex has 3-14 Resident Assistants and 1 Resident Director to assist students with their needs. If your student has any concerns encourage them to speak with their RA or RD. Contact information can be found under the Our Department link, Office Hours and Staff. For emergency situations or assistance 24/7 contact Campus Police at 423-425-4357.
     We know that safety is always at the forefront of a parent’s mind, and the university has  a range of crime prevention features to help keep our students safe. In addition to providing crime prevention programs, an alert system notifying students of any active threats on campus, and well-lit walkways with emergency telephones. The university also has medical facilities and a counseling center on campus  to help students stay physically and mentally healthy. 


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