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Spring 2021

Thursday, January 14th - Monday, January 18, 2021

and January 19th-31st.

UTC Coronavirus Updates Website

  Packing List (PDF)

Sign Up for a Check-in Appointment through

Manage My Housing, select "Operation Move In"

1-Clear your Immunization Hold

Student Vaccination Requirement

A meningitis vaccination is required by law for all students living in the residence halls. As of December 14th, 2020 all residents are required to get the flu vacine and upload their immunization records.  Before a student will be issued their key at move-in, immunization records must be on file with University Health Services. For more information please visit   University Health Services

2-Sign Move In Agreement and Contract Addendum

Copies of the forms will be emailed to the students MOCs email account after signing. You may also view the documents on our Housing Policies page.

3-Select Check-in Appointment

A limited number of students are permitted per timeslot. If plans change you can cancel your appointment and pick another one. 

4-New Students: Submit Photo for MOCs ID

New students will need to submit their photo online through the MOCs Card office for it to be printed and ready for pick-up at check-in.

5-Spring 2021 COVID-19 Move-In Testing

Prior to moving into your Spring 2021 Residence Hall assignment, you will need to receive a COVID-19 Clearance email. COVID-19 Clearance requires that you have a negative COVID-19 test provided by UTC or have met exemption requirements. The COVID-19 Move-In testing is free to students. Testing will be either drive through or walk through depending on the location of the testing. Click here to review Spring 2021 COVID-19 Move-In Testing information.

On your move in day:

1-Check Up: Verify you and your move in team are ready to be on campus:

Residents may bring 2 guests to help them on their selected move in day.

If within the last fourteen (14) days, you or a member of your move in team were:

  1. Positive for COVID-19;
  2. Symptomatic for COVID-19;
  3. Exposed (close contact) to a known case of COVID-19 / someone positive for COVID-19;
  4. Potentially exposed to a known case of COVID-19 / someone positive for COVID-19;
  5. Have traveled internationally or via cruise ship.

Do not come to campus. You must report the specifics of your situation. Once submitted, please await instructions from the university for next steps.

2-Report to on-campus Spring 2021 COVID-19 Move-In Testing location

If a student receives a confirmed positive test result, they will be offered a room in an isolation space on campus, Once the student has completed isolation and is cleared, they will be permitted to check into their spring room assignment. 

Click here to review Spring 2021 COVID-19 Move-In Testing information.

Do not report to your complex office until you have received your negative test results through your UTC email. 

3-Check In at your complex office

View the MAP for office locations. Log into Manage My Housing on your phone to pull up your Fast Pass for check-in, as well as your UTC email with the negative test results. 

4-Unload at your Residence Hall

  1. Park according to UTC parking pass.
  2. A limited number of moving carts are available for checkout, however we suggest you bring your own cart/dolly.
  3. Please do not park in the street, in Handicap spots or Fire Lanes (you will be towed/ticketed).
  4. Street parking is operated by the City of Chattanooga. Meters are free after 6pm Monday-Saturday and on Sunday.

5-Unpack and get settled

  • Take all trash to the dumpsters, do not pile items in the hallways.
  • Dumpsters are available at each complex, please recycle in the blue bins.
  • Residents not checked in by Monday, February 1st are considered "No Shows" and will have their assignment cancelled.
  • Any student arriving after February 1st or later needs to contact their Resident Director letting them know to avoid cancellation and fees.
  • After your move in day, off-campus guests are no longer permitted