Residence Life

Assistant Director

Assistant Directors are full-time professionals who are responsible for developing and administering a comprehensive residence life program in an area of campus.  There are two Assistant Directors, one serving North Campus and one serving South Campus.  Each AD supervises four Resident Directors and indirectly supervises student staff in the area.


Resident Director

Resident Directors serve as full-time, live-in professionals who are responsible for community development, management and overall operation of a housing complex. There is one Resident Director per complex. The RDs supervise a team of Senior Resident Assistants (SRA) and Resident Assistants (RA).


Senior Resident Assistant

Senior Resident Assistants are returning and experienced student staff members in each complex. It is the responsibility of the Senior Resident Assistants to assist the Resident Director. They also help improve the delivery of services to the resident students and overall improve the campus living experience. There are 1-2 SRAs per complex.


Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants are student staff members that are responsible for community development on a floor or section of an apartment complex on campus. RAs perform many roles in the Residence Halls including resource, educator, policy enforcer, and community developer. There are 3-14 RAs per complex

 Becoming a Resident Assistant

 WCH RA Staff -Spring 2018 Closer

Contact information for the Residence Life Staff can be found under the Housing Staff Link.