2018 Volunteer Sign Up

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On August 16, 2018, upwards of 1800 freshmen students will move into our residence halls from 9am - 5pm.  After summer orientation, this is our freshmen students’ first experience on campus and as such presents a great opportunity for us to welcome them to the UTC Community!

This is an awesome opportunity for faculty, staff, upperclassmen students and our UTC Community to help freshmen students and their families move into the residence halls.  In addition to being helpful, this is a great opportunity for us to make a positive first impression, build goodwill, and start building relationships with our incoming freshman students!!

Staff, Faculty and Community -   CLICK HERE Students and Student Orgs - CLICK HERE   
Staff, Faculty and UTC Community: We are asking each person to sign up as an individual and if you are a part of a department or community organization you can include your affiliation with your information.You can sign up for a two hour shift or more (hopefully more). You will be assisting by directing traffic or unloading/moving our incoming freshman items into their residence hall room.

Students and Student Organizations: We are asking each student to sign up as an individual and if you are a part of an organization you can include your org with your information.You will be assisting our incoming freshman students with unloading and moving their items into their residence hall room.                                 


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 If you have any volunteer questions please contact Diana Fryar (Diana-Fryar@utc.edu) or

Elizabeth Johnson (Elizabeth-J-Johnson@utc.edu), 423-425-4573.  We look forward to your participation!