Winter Break Closing 


All residence halls will close on Wednesday, December 12th, 2018 for Winter Break 


  • All residents are required to do a winter break check-out with the Residence Life staff.
  • Residents must check out within 24 hours of their last final.
  • Residents will sign up for a check-out time with their Resident Assistant.
  • Residents will turn in their room key to their Resident Assistant at check-out. Students will not have access to their apartments during winter break.
  • Residents may leave belongings in their room; however, UTC Housing and Residence Life is not responsible for items left in rooms.
  • Student should reference procedures given to them by their Resident Assistant to ensure a proper check-out.
  • December Graduates:
    • Complete a Housing Cancellation Request (form available through Manage My Housing)
    • Schedule a check-out appointment with your Resident Director.
    • Graduates must be checked out by the Sunday after graduation.
  • After Closing:
    • Resident Directors will complete final walk-throughs of all rooms/apartments. Damage charges are assessed by the Resident Director at this time.
    • Maintenance will enter rooms/apartments to complete repairs.
    • RBS cleaning company will enter vacant rooms for cleaning.
  • Fall semester room assignments carry over to the spring semester unless you are approved for a room change.
  • All fall semester room changes must be requested before Thanksgiving. Approval/denied notification will be completed by December 1st, by the main housing office.
  • Form will be available through Manage My Housing starting November 1st.

If you wish to have a new assignment for the spring semester please complete the following by before thanksgiving:

  1. Submit a Winter Break Room Change request form through Manage My Housing (
  2. If you have special requests (specific room etc.) please email
  3. Students who are approved for a winter break room change will be notified via email to their UTC email account.
      • The last day approvals will be sent out is Wednesday, December 5th (first day of finals).
  4. Students who accept the room change will have to move completely out at the end of the fall semester.
      • Once your key has been turned it at winter break check out you will no longer have access to your fall room.
      • No personal items may be left in the bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen.
      • UTC is not able to accommodate any room change storage for student belongings over the break.
  5. When you return in January for the spring semester, you will be able to check in to your new assignment.

Designated Winter Break housing facilities are Boling and Stophel Apartments. Only residents that are residing in Boling & Stophel will be considered for Winter Break stay over.  

All requests to stay over Winter Break must be submitted in writing to, and pre-approved by an Assistant Director for Residence Education. Requests for Winter Break stay over will be considered in mid November.  Requests submitted after last day of classes will not be considered.

If approved, an additional charge of $209 ($11 per night for 19 nights) for residing on campus during the Winter Break period (December 16 - January 4) will be assessed to your account. 

If you have additional questions, regarding the Winter Break Policy, or to submit your stay over request, please contact your Assistant Director for Residence Education.

 (Housing Cancellation Request)

Please read your housing contract carefully!

By default, all housing contracts are for the academic year (Fall and Spring semester). Our policy states:

“CANCELLATION (Resident):  Housing facilities are rented for the academic year beginning on the Commencement Date and ending on the Expiration Date. No Resident may withdraw from the housing except in case of extreme necessity and approved by the University. Cancellation of registration or academic suspension does not automatically release the Resident from the contract. Subletting by the Resident is not permitted. Students should submit their request to break their nine month housing contract by filling out the "Housing Cancellation Request" form located through Manage My Housing. Residents who are permitted to break their housing contract will be subject to a penalty.”

As discussed above, you will need to log into your Manage My Housing and submit a "Housing Cancellation Request" if you wish to submit a request to break your contract. If you are approved by our office to break your contract, in most cases a housing penalty equivalent to one month's rent will still be assessed for all upperclassmen.

Freshmen Only: Furthermore, your contract explains the residential requirements governing freshmen, and it reads:

Freshmen requesting to be released from Housing must remember that they are required to live on campus for one academic year. Freshmen withdrawing from housing will be assessed a penalty for terminating your contract. Penalty charges will be the equivalent to the remaining monies due on your housing contract for the academic year. If you have any questions, please call us so we can provide any additional information you may need to make an informed decision: (423) 425-4304.

  stophel winter photo