Fall Semester Closing 

fall foliage on camus 

Last day of class is Saturday, November 21st, 2020

Fall Check Out Process

  • All residents are required to complete the "Checkout Process" form through Manage My Housing. Checkouts may occur between November 19th - December 9th at noon.
    • Pre-Checkout Questionnaire
      • Available Monday, November 2nd, should be completed by Friday, November 13th
      • Enter your Anticipated Checkout Date
      • Discuss with roommates who will clean which areas of your apartment/suite, then enter the names for your Cleaning Agreement for the Bathroom & Common Area
    • At Checkout Questionnaire
      • To be completed after you have cleaned, packed and are ready to turn in your key. 
      • Answer checkout questions
      • Are you returning for the spring (fee's may apply)
      • Enter Date & Time you moved out and placed your room key in the key envelope and dropped in it your complex key drop box.
    • Winter Break Stay Request (to be completed by those students needing to stay on-campus between December 9th, 2020 and January 14th, 2021.
  • Residents will turn in their room key to their complex office at check-out. Students will not have access to their apartments during winter break.
  • Residents may leave belongings in their room; however, UTC Housing and Residence Life is not responsible for items left in rooms.
  • Student should reference procedures given to them by their Resident Assistant to ensure a proper check-out.
  • Move out checklist:
    • PACK: Take all valuables with you, dirty laundry, medication and anything else you may need for the month.
    • All plants, trash, fish, and perishable items should be removed. 
    • CLEAN: Bedroom, kitchen, bathroom
    • CLEAN & empty refrigerator, remove perishable items. Do not defrost or disconnect refrigerators.
    • Thermostat: Turn to heat, set to 70 degrees and set fan to AUTO.
    • Unplug all electrical items (Except Refrigerator)
    • Clear balconies of plants, furniture, holiday lights, etc.
    • Close and lock all windows and doors!
    • Turn off all lights.
  • December Graduates:
    • Complete a Housing Cancellation form through Manage My Housing.
  • After Closing:
    • Resident Directors will complete final walk-throughs of all rooms/apartments. Damage charges are assessed by the Resident Director at this time.
    • Maintenance will enter rooms/apartments to complete repairs.
    • Custodial Team will enter vacant rooms for cleaning.


Housing will open Thursday, January 14th at 8am for the Spring 2021 semester. Check-in appointments will need to be made through Manage My Housing.

Room Changes

  • Fall semester room assignments carry over to the spring semester.
  • Due to COVID-19 we are limiting room changes, for details check with your Resident Director.

Permission to Stay Over Break

Designated Winter Break housing facility is Stophel Apartments. Only residents that are residing in Stophel will be considered for Winter Break stay over.  

All requests to stay over Winter Break must be submitted through Manage My Housing and pre-approved by the Assignments Team.  Requests MUST be submitted by November 20th, 2020. 

If approved, an additional charge of $11 per night will be applied to your account for residing on campus during the Winter Break period December 9 - January 14, 36 nights, totals $396.

Breaking Your Contract

(Housing Cancellation Request)

Read your housing contract carefully!

By default, all housing contracts are for the academic year (Fall and Spring semester). Our policy states:

“CANCELLATION (Resident):  Housing facilities are rented for the academic year beginning on the Commencement Date and ending on the Expiration Date. No Resident may withdraw from the housing except in case of extreme necessity and approved by the University. Cancellation of registration or academic suspension does not automatically release the Resident from the contract. Subletting by the Resident is not permitted. Students should submit their request to break their nine month housing contract by filling out the "Housing Cancellation Request" form located through Manage My Housing. Residents who are permitted to break their housing contract will be subject to a fee.”

As discussed above, you will need to log into your Manage My Housing and submit a "Housing Cancellation Request" if you wish to submit a request to break your contract. If you are approved by our office to break your contract, in most cases a housing cancellation fee will still be assessed. If you have any questions, visit the Cancelling Your Housing section on the Room Assignment webpage. You may also call us so we can provide any additional information you may need to make an informed decision: 423-425-4304.