Campus Safety

How can Campus Police help?

Campus Police has resources to assist students. Whether in person, over the phone or online, you can always get assistance. 

  • Register your electronics
  • Register your bicycle
  • Submit an anonymous report
  • Complete a comment/complaint about an officer
  • Request a Crime Prevention Program

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Staying safe at night

UTC Police Department offers 24-hour service and will provide after-hours escorts upon request in campus areas.

Whenever you know you will be walking on campus at night, dress in clothes and shoes that will not hamper movement.

Always be alert and aware of your surroundings. Plan your route for safety and walk with friends or a group whenever possible.

If you sense danger:

  • Move away from the threat; for instance, cross the street and increase your pace.
  •  Join a group of people nearby.
  • If a threatening situation seems imminent: Yell, scream, or make a commotion to attract other people.
  •  Go to an open business.

Contact UTC Police

For help or to report a crime in progress, use any of the following options:

  • Blue light phones are available across campus, just press the button and you will be connected with Campus Police.
  • From a cell phone 423-425-4357 (HELP). Add this number to your cell phone’s quick dial list.
  • For off-campus emergencies, dial 911.

*When placing a call, be sure to give your name, location and a detailed description of the concern.