Housing & Residence Life

Student Handbook


Our Vision

Through partnerships, UTC Housing and Residence Life seeks to unify students in an engaged learning community that provides opportunities for growth, diversity and responsible living.


Our Mission

UTC Housing and Residence Life partners with students to enhance their college experience by providing:

•   A variety of clean, safe, and convenient housing options

•   A dynamic community that recognizes and celebrates diversity

•   Opportunities for student engagement through active learning and leadership

•   A supportive environment which appropriately challenges residents to develop academically and socially

We are all Members of the Community!  Go MOCs!


Residence Life Staff

Housing and Residence Life employs full time live-in staff known as Resident Directors (RD's).  The RDs supervise a team of Resident Assistants (RA). Their primary objective as a team is to assist residents in any way possible.

RAs are student staff members, employed by Housing & Residence Life, who assist students in their acclimation to the residence halls and the university. RAs provide information about activities, events, policies and also assist students with roommate conflicts, homesickness, and academic concerns. Each RA also implements residence education efforts in their assigned floor/section, which may include hosting activities for their assigned community or residents, or encouraging attendance at various University events. Your Resident Assistant is the best person to go to if you have questions or concerns. Your RA has received training on responding to concerns and can assist you with most any issue you may be having. In most cases, your RA can help you explore your concerns and refer you to the proper university staff to help you resolve your problem. We are here to help.

Below are examples of questions and problems with which your RA can help.•   My roommate and I don’t get along.•   Where is EMCS?•   How do I find out what’s for dinner at Crossroads?•   I’m concerned about my chemistry class.•   I want to live somewhere else.  How do I switch buildings? If your RA is unavailable, there are staff members available for general assistance, maintenance concerns & emergencies.

Assistant Resident Directors (ARD) are the Graduate students who assist the Resident Director in the management and operation of the complex which they are located. Our ARDs are currently located in Stagmaier Hall and West Campus Housing.  

Building Assistants are in each complex to assist with both facilities and residence education concerns. They are involved in the day to day operations involved in our complexes. They assist with everything from mail to maintenance requests. They are an excellent resource if you have any questions during your time on campus. 
Each residence hall has a Resident Director who are full-time professionals with at least a master’s degree living in each complex. The RD manages the day-to-day operations of an apartment complex, supervises RAs, and oversee all residence education efforts and conduct issues.
Assistant Directors are full-time professionals professional staff members who work with & supervise our Resident Directors. The Assistant Director for Residence Education oversee North or South Campus. Our Assistant Director for Academic Initiatives and Assessments works with the development and implementation of our residential curriculum.


Residence Life’s Community Activities

RHA is an organization dedicated to the community of students living on campus at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. RHA believes in the importance of community and the well-being of all on-campus residents. RHA will strive to make the on-campus housing experience meaningful and educational. RHA will provide many leadership opportunities and learning experiences through programming, leadership conferences, student advocacy, and community involvement.  

  • This model provides a framework for us to justify everything that we do in Housing & Residence Life. Nothing is done without a purpose or a learning objective for students. You will work mostly with the “Engagement” learning outcome as a RA, but all areas are important in creating a learning environment for residents. 


Personal Identity: Who you are and who you want to become 

  • Students should be knowledgeable of available campus non-academic resources. 
  • Students should understand that personal identities are intersectional. 
  • Students should be able to identify strategies to engage in conflict resolution in a solution-focused way. 

Engagement: Creating lifelong relationships 

  • Students should feel connected to their residence hall community. 
  • Students should feel a sense of belonging to the UTC community. 
  • Students should be able to form connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

Academic Success: Preparing you for graduation 

  • Students should be knowledgeable of available campus academic resources. 
  • Students should recognize that living on campus supports their academic success. 

Self-Ownership: Taking responsibility for your decisions and actions 

  • Students should develop skills to learn how to live independently. 
  • Students should be able to make responsible decisions about alcohol & drug use. 
  • Students should be able to recognize the impact their actions or language have on others in their community.