How to Submit a Maintenance Request

* For Emergency Maintenance during office hours, please call your complex or the housing office (423-425-4304).  After hours please call the RA on call (number posted on office window) or Campus Police at 423-425-4357.

1. Log in to  Manage My Housing

2. Enter your UTC ID and Password.

3. Click Loginmaintenance guys

4. Under Current Resident Request forms

Click “Submit Maintenance Request”.

5. Under Request Type:

Select the type that closely matches your issue, if you're not sure select MISC.

6. In the description box include item that needs repair and as much detail as possible:

Left living room blind broken NOT living room blind broken.

C&D bathroom toilet clogged NOT toilet clogged.

Back Right Burner will not turn on NOT stove not working.

7. Click "Submit Request"

You will be able to see a log of submitted requests, as well as notes/comments on each request. 

 ***For IT issues, please contact the  Help Desk