How to Submit a Maintenance Request

* For Emergency Maintenance during office hours, please call your complex or the housing office (423-425-4304).  After hours please call the RA on call (number posted on office window) or Campus Police at 423-425-4357.

1. Log in to  Manage My Housing

2. Enter your UTC ID and Password.

3. Click Login

4. Under Current Resident Request forms

Click “Submit Maintenance Request”.

5. Under Request Type:

Select the type that closely matches your issue, if your not sure select MISC.

6. In the description box include item that needs repair and as much detail as possible:

Left living room blind broken NOT living room blind broken.

C&D bathroom toilet clogged NOT toilet clogged.

Back Right Burner will not turn on NOT stove not working.

7. Click "Submit Request"

 ***For IT issues, please contact the  Help Desk

*We have recently upgraded our Manage My Housing software. Soon you will be able to see a log of submitted requests, as well as notes/comments on each request. 

photo of maintenance staff