Residence Halls

Our housing consists of 9 buildings on-campus; 4 are on North Camps and 5 are on South Campus with McCallie Avenue being the dividing line.

North Campus: Johnson Obear (JO), Boling (BOL), Stagmaier (STA) and Lockmiller (LCK).

South Campus: Guerry (GUE), Decosimo (DEC), Stophel (STO), Walker (WLK) and UC Foundation (UCF).

All buildings except Stagmaier are apartment style with a variety of shared and private bedrooms.


Freshmen ONLY buildings are Walker and Stagmaier.

Mixed (Upperclassmen and Freshmen) buildings are Johnson Obear, Boling, Lockmiller, Guerry and Decosimo.

Upperclassmen ONLY buildings are Stophel and UC Foundation.


Total number of beds on-campus = 3143

75% are Private bedrooms

58% are for upperclassmen

42% are for freshmen

25% of our bedrooms are shared by 2 residents

18% are shared by 2 residents

25% are for upperclassmen

75% are for freshmen

7% are shared by 3 residents

All are for freshmen



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