Residence Halls

UTC housing consists of 10 buildings on-campus with McCallie Avenue being the dividing line.

North Campus: Johnson Obear (JO), Boling (BOL), Stagmaier (STA), Lockmiller (LCK) & West Campus Housing (WCH).

South Campus: Guerry (GUE), Decosimo (DEC), Stophel (STO), Walker (WLK) & UC Foundation (UCF).

All buildings except West Campus and Stagmaier are apartment style with a variety of shared and private bedrooms.


Estimate for Fall 2018  

3617 beds on-campus

70% are Private bedrooms (mostly for Upperclassmen)

30% are Shared by 2 residents (mostly for Freshmen)


North Campus Buildings (JO, BOL, STA, LCK, WCH)               South Campus Buildings (GUE, DEC, STO, WLK, UCF)   


map of housing complexes

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