Lockmiller Apartments

Student walks in front of Lockmiller

A quick meal at Crossroads or a performance at the Fine Arts Center is steps away from your door.


  • Freshman and upperclassman housing
  • Freshmen share a bedroom and upperclassmen have the option of a private room
  • Community laundry facilities
  • Full-size beds in private bedrooms, extra-long twin in shared bedrooms
  • Plenty of storage with a closet, chest of drawers and desk in each bedroom

Rates (2019/2020)

Floor Plan Rate per semester/per student

2 Bedrooms (shared) 1 Bath (4 person)


2 Bedrooms (private) 1 Bath (2 person/upperclassmen)


Bed Spaces

Floor Plan # of Bed Spaces
# of Apartments
2 Bedrooms (shared) 1 Bath (4 person) 312 78

2 Bedrooms (private) 1 Bath (upperclassmen)

38 19


Lockmiller Exterior
Lockmiller Volleyball Court
Lockmiller Living Room
Lockmiller Bedroom
Lockmiller Exterior


Floor Plans and Layouts

LckMiller       lockmillerlayout 

 Lockmiller Twinbed   Lockmiller Fullbeds


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Apartment Styles

  • Two bedrooms and one bath for four residents (shared bedroom)
  • Two bedrooms and one bath for two residents (private bedroom, upperclassmen only)

Room Number Description

  • LCK-101A: Lockmiller, 1 is the floor level, 01 is the apartment number, A is the room
  • LCK-235B1: Lockmiller, 2 is the floor level, 35 is the apartment number, B1 is the room/bed space

Rooms x01-x10 & x19-x36 face Oak Street

  • Room A (window faces Oak Street)
  • Room B (window faces McCallie Avenue)

Rooms x11-x18 face McCallie Avenue and the A bedroom is the room closest to McCallie Avenue

  • Room A (window faces McCallie Avenue)
  • Room B (window faces Oak Street)

Complex Description

  • Opened: 1982 Phase One, 1986 Phase Two
  • Location: Corner of Oak Street and Palmetto Street
  • Street address: 742 Oak Street
  • Bed spaces: 354
  • Residents: Freshmen (four person apt.); Upperclassmen (two person apt.)
  • Easy access to the Fine Arts Center, the Guerry Center and the Library
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Laundry facilities: Laundry is included in the housing fee and is located next to the office
  • Community room
  • Mailboxes near office
  • Trash: Dumpster behind building
  • Bike racks and picnic tables available outside
  • Stairs only
  • Wireless internet - one-GB wireless access point in every apartment
  • Utilities (electric, cable, internet, laundry and water) are included in the semester rates

Apartment Amenities

  • Kitchen: Equipped with stove/oven (these rooms do not have a microwave) or cook top (these rooms have a microwave), refrigerator, table and chairs
    • Cooktop - rooms x19 to x36
    • Stove/oven - rooms x01 to x18
  • Living room: Couch, chair and table
  • Bedrooms: Two bedroom (shared/private)
  • One bathroom (shower, tub, double sink and toilet)
  • Cable provided in bedroom and living room
  • Wireless internet
  • Air conditioning, fire sprinklers and alarm
  • Telephone (local calls only)

Room Amenities

  • Extra-long twin bed (39" x 80") for shared spaces or a full size bed (54" x 75") for most private rooms
    • Some private rooms have twin bed, check Manage My Housing for your exact bed size
  • Chest of drawers
  • Student desk
  • Desk chair
  • Basic cable in each bedroom
  • Internet access, wireless available or ethernet connection
  • Closet


  • Kitchen/living room 22’2” X 11’11”
  • Bedroom 14’11” X 11’11”
  •   Phase One (room #s xx1-x18):
    • Living room window 71” X 47”
    • Bedroom window 48” X 60”
  •   Phase 2 (room #s x19-x36):
    • Living room window 59” X 59”
    • Bedroom window 47” X 59”

Mailing Address

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

(Student's Name) Apt (#)

Lockmiller Apartments, 0011

742 Oak Street P.O. Box 18011

Chattanooga, TN 37403-7111