UTC Housing and Residence Life Contract



  • Housing Defined: "Housing" shall be: 
    • Location: North or South Campus (or a temporary overflow location)
    • Building:Bed, and Unit to be assigned by UTC Housing and Residence Life
  • Commencement Date Defined: "Commencement Date" shall be: 8/18/2016 at 8 AM Expiration Date Defined: "Expiration Date" shall be: 5/3/2016:  Contract End Date at 12 PM.
  • Winter Break: In addition, residence halls close for approximately four (4) weeks during winter break, and Residents are not permitted entry during that time.
    • Closed for Winter Break: December 14 at 12pm (noon) to January 6 at 8am
  • Resident Defined: "Resident" shall be the student submitting the housing application.
  • University Defined: "University" shall be: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Department of Housing and Residence Life
  • Landlord Defined: "Landlord" shall be: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Department of Housing and Residence Life
  • Rent Defined: "Rent" shall be due and Payable on the dates shown in the following "Payment Schedule"



Fall 2016 payments are due on August 11, 2016 or per the University Bursar’s Office

Spring 2017 payments are due on December 15, 2016 or per the University Bursar’s Office


Terms and Conditions

This Housing Contract is made and entered into by and between the "Landlord" and "Resident" under guidelines established by the "University" on the "Commencement Date" on which Resident agrees to the terms and conditions of this Housing Contract.

  1. PREMISES:  Landlord leases to Resident, and Resident leases from Landlord, rental space which consists of the exclusive use and occupancy of the bedroom (the "Bedroom") assigned to the Resident (or Residents, in shared bedrooms) and the shared use and occupancy of the kitchen and/or living/dining area (as applicable) with other Residents (the "Roommates") of the assigned housing (the "Housing"), located on the campus of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, or its designated overflow location (the "Community").
  2. FAIR HOUSING:  Landlord does not discriminate with regard to race, color, religion, or national origin in the assignment of space.
  3. RESERVATION FEE (pre-payment):  Prospective resident must remit a two hundred twenty five dollars ($225) pre-payment to retain a room assignment. The $225 pre-payment will be deducted from the full balance of the rent owed for the room. The remaining balance will be assessed at the time other University charges are billed, typically the second week of July and early December for fall and spring semesters respectively, and will appear on Resident's Mocs Express statement.  The pre-payment is refundable in full if cancellation for fall semester is received by the deadline below.  After the deadlines, there are no refunds.  Current/returning students:  May 1, 2016.  Incoming freshmen/transfer students:  June 1, 2016.  Failure to pay university fees (including housing) or confirm attendance at the University will result in classes being dropped and potentially a late fee. 
  4. RENT:  Each semester it is the Resident's responsibility to pay Resident's housing in full according to the University Bursar’s payment schedule (usually mid-August and mid-December for fall and spring semesters, respectively). Arrangements for special payment schedules must be made with the University Bursar's Office. If the fee is not on Resident's MOCS EXPRESS statement the Resident is to advise the Bursar's Office of the oversight at that time. Failure to pay fees or confirm attendance at the University will result in a late fee.
  5. DATES: This contract is intended for occupancy during fall and spring semester. Any resident needing accommodations over Winter Break must make a request to their Assistant Director for Residence Life and plan to change rooms to a centralized location on campus.  If approved, an additional housing fee will be assessed for this period. Any residents that do not stay for the break will be required to turn in their room key and have their card access turned off for the break period. 
  6. OCCUPANCY DATES:  Residents are expected to take occupancy of their assigned rooms by the first day of classes. Unless official notification of a variation is received, the Landlord reserves the rights to reassign spaces not claimed by that time and charge a forfeit the $225 prepayment. 
  7. CANCELLATION (Resident):  Housing facilities are rented for the academic year beginning on the Commencement Date and ending on the Expiration Date. No Resident may withdraw from their housing except in a case of extreme necessity and approved by the University. Cancellation of registration or academic suspension does not automatically release the Resident from the contract. Subletting by the Resident is not permitted. Students should submit their request to be released from their academic year housing contract by filling out the online “Housing Cancellation” form located through their Manage My Housing account. Residents who are approved to be released from their housing contract will be subject to a penalty.
  8. CANCELLATION (University):  The University may cancel the contract if the student fails to meet the full terms and conditions stated herein, for violation of University and / or residence hall regulations as stated in the Student Handbook, which are part of this contract by reference hereto.
  9. DINING MEMBERSHIP:  The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga requires all first year residents to purchase the All You Care To Eat Dining Membership Plan and all other residents must purchase a declining balance plan.  The meal plan rate is subject to change (additional information is available on the Dining Services website), and the charge will be assessed to all residents. Upgrades to dining plans can be made once the meal plan begins through the MOCS Card Office.
  10. ROOM CHANGES:  Once on campus, a resident may submit a Request for Room Change. Requests made require a meeting with the Resident Director to establish the need for a room change.  If the request is granted, a room change fee may be assessed.  Room changes are contingent upon room availability.
  11. VISITATION:  When reserving a room in housing, resident must agree to a visitation policy, regarding when members of the opposite sex may or may not visit. Resident acting as a host may have an individual overnight guest of the same gender provided permission is secured at least one day in advance from the Resident Director. Guests are not permitted unless the host is present. Guests are subject to the rules of the University and visits are limited to no more than three days. Hosts are responsible for the actions of their guest(s).  Overnight visiting by members of the opposite sex is not allowed. 
  12. ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS: All Residents must be enrolled as full-time students unless exempted by the Department of Housing and Residence Life.  Students with fewer than 12 hours are not released from this agreement without penalty.  When a Resident ceases to be enrolled at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, he/she will be required to vacate the premises within 24 hours of withdrawal from the University. The Resident will be subject to a penalty. 
  13. RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS:  All first year freshmen are required to live on campus.  Students may apply for an exception if they:  live within a 45 mile radius, are married and / or have a child(ren), have medical condition preventing them from living in a campus environment.
  14. CONSOLIDATION:  Landlord reserves the right to make any changes in the accommodations it deems proper or necessary. Apartments are to be occupied by maximum allowable number of Residents. In case one of the roommates moves, the Resident(s) who remains agrees to accept an assigned roommate(s) or to move to another room upon request. When available, a Resident may request a double room to be occupied privately at a higher rate. It may also be necessary to consolidate prior to the commencement date and/or after the commencement date should there be a need for space.  This determination is made exclusively by the Department of Housing and Residence Life.
  15. CARE OF ROOM:  As a condition of the Contract, the Resident agrees to care for his/her own room/apartment daily. Double-sided foam tape, nails, contact paper, etc. are not to be used on the walls and furniture. Staff members perform monthly health and safety inspections of rooms/apartments. Also, the Resident agrees to exercise reasonable care in the use of the common areas and non-public facilities. 
  16. REPAIRS:  All repairs to the premises are to be made only by personnel authorized by the Landlord. Repairs including those to non-public common areas necessitated by willful acts, negligence or accidents by the Residents will be charged to the Residents and are to be paid upon presentation of a bill by the Landlord by the date specified. Loss or damage caused by failure to report a malfunction of equipment or other needed repair will be the Residents’ responsibility. 
  17. CHECK-OUT:  Residents must check-out within 24 hours of their last final exam, or by the expiration date, whichever comes first.  The Residents collectively and individually will be held liable for any damages and cleaning that are necessary before renting the facility to another party. Provision is made for a checkout evaluation upon move out with Landlord’s staff. Failure to execute a proper checkout with Landlord’s staff will result in assessment of administrative costs and will limit the Resident's recourse to paying the damage and/or cleaning fees determined appropriate by the Landlord’s staff.  For substantial items left behind after check-out, the University reserves the right to sell, donate, or otherwise dispose of any personal property after 30 days.  In addition, resident should complete a winter break check-out with a Housing staff member in December, before the residence halls close for break.
  18. INSURANCE:  The Landlord and University are not responsible for damage to or disappearance of personal possessions of the Resident under any circumstances. IN CASE OF FIRE OR OTHER DAMAGES OR LOSSES, THE UNIVERSITY DOES NOT INSURE RESIDENTS' PERSONAL POSSESSIONS. RESIDENTS ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO INSURE THEIR OWN POSSESSIONS. 
  19. SMOKING POLICY:  The University provides a smoke-free environment. Smoking is NOT allowed unless it is outside and must be at least 25 feet from any entrance.
  20. TELEPHONE SERVICES:  One telephone line with local access only is provided in each apartment to be shared by Resident and Roommate(s). Resident may choose to contract with Telecommunications for a private telephone line and/or long distance service for an additional fee. Calls may not be charged to the number that is listed on the telephone nor may collect calls be accepted under any conditions. Failure to abide by the proper procedures can result in disciplinary and/or legal action, and/or termination of the phone service.
  21. RIGHT OF ENTRY:  The Landlord reserves the right of entry into Resident rooms for the purpose of inspection, improvements, or repairs. Normally, advance notice will be given for inspections. The Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, or his/her designee, may also grant written permission for a search of a resident’s room.  The Landlord also reserves the right of entry without notice in case of epidemic or other circumstances of an emergency nature posing a threat to life, limb, health or property. 
  22. QUIET HOURS:  Quiet hours have been established in each apartment complex. The following hours are in effect seven days a week: 10pm - 7am.
  23. DRUGS OR NARCOTICS: Use, possession, or being under the influence of marijuana or any narcotic, stimulant or hallucinogenic drug in violation of State or Federal law is prohibited while on university-owned or controlled property.  Such a violation will represent grounds for termination of this contract.
  24. GAMBLING, ALCOHOL, WEAPONS, FIREWORKS, GRILLS & ANIMALS:  Gambling, the use or possession of alcoholic beverages, visitation other than specified in the housing option (noted in the Student Handbook), the use or possession of firearms or fireworks, the use of Charcoal or Gas Grills (unless provided by the university), and the housing of cats, dogs, or other animals are prohibited, with the exception of fish in a 10 gallon aquarium, ADA service animals, or approved emotional support animals, violate this contract and are subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal from University housing. 
  25. UNIVERSITY RULES AND REGULATIONS:  Residents are responsible for following all rules promulgated by the Departments of Public Safety and the Department of Housing and Residence Life. Rules include the prohibition against any fire hazards including, but not limited to, candles, incense, open flames, and Halogen Lamps. Damaging and or interfering with smoke and fire detection equipment and failure to follow fire evacuation procedures and directives from safety officers or resident staff are also violation of safety rules. Additional rules and regulations are found in the Student Handbook, other University publications, and on official bulletin boards. Each Resident is expected to abide by all University rules and regulations and subject to disciplinary action, including removal from University housing and / or dismissal from the University.
  26. NON-DISCRIMINATION STATEMENT: Housing space is limited. Assignments are thus made with priority to (1) first-year students, (2) second-year students and (3) returning residents. Housing is guaranteed for first--year students only. Room assignments are made without regard to race, color, religion, ethnic or national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, or veteran’s status. An attempt will be made to honor mutual roommate requests but they are not guaranteed.

27. AMENDMENTS:  Any amendments to this Contract must be in writing and acceptable to both parties. The Terms of           the Contract remain in effect with all changes in assignments within the agreement period.