Bryan Hampton teaches UHON 3520/3530, Topics in Literature and Topics in Thought, Values, and Beleifes: THe Idea of Love in Italian and English Renaissance Literature. Additionally, he has teaching and research interests in the cross-currents of early modern literature, politics, and religion. He regularly teaches courses on Milton and Shakespeare, along with a number of seminars examining the literature of the Bible, the devotional poetry of John Donne and George Herbert, and Renaissance epic. He has published in Studies in English Literature, The Upstart Crow, and Milton Studies, and has written several articles for edited volumes on Milton's prose and poetry. Professor Hampton has been honored with awards for outstanding teaching from both the College of Arts and Sciences at UTC and from the University of Tennessee National Alumni Association, and currently serves as the coordinator of UTC's interdisciplinary Humanities major. His book, Fleshly Tabernacles: Milton and the Incarnational Poetics of Revolutionary England (University of Notre Dame Press) examines how Milton's radical theology of the Incarnation informs his poetics, hermeneutics, and politics.