History of the Brock Scholars Program

The Brock Scholars Program began in 1977 as the University Scholars Program, enrolling 20 new students each year. In 1979 a scholarship endowment was created through a grant from the Lyndhurst Foundation, and the program was renamed the Brock Scholars Program in honor of William E. Brock, Jr., a prominent Chattanooga businessman who served for many years on the University of Chattanooga Foundation Board of Trustees.

 In 1987, the program was expanded with the help of a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, allowing more students to enroll each year and to enhance the program's curriculum. At that point, the program's name was changed to the University Honors Program (sometimes known as "UHON"), which typically enrolled between 35 and 40 new students each year. With the expanded size of the program, the William E. Brock Jr. Scholarships continued to be awarded to as many UHON students as possible, but many received other types of scholarships.

 As UTC's student body continues to grow, the University has established the UTC Honors College to develop more honors-level experiences for more students than the current program alone can provide. In order to avoid confusion, the University Honors Program is reviving the original Brock Scholars name. Additional honors programs will operate parallel to the Brock Scholars Program, but they will not replace it; it will continue to operate essentially as it always has, offering highly motivated students a classic liberal arts education.