Applying for Brock Scholars Admission


The Brock Scholars Program only admits students as first-time freshmen.  Students who wish to participate in honors at the sophomore level and above should consider the Innovations in Honors Program (IIH) or Departmental Honors (DHON).

Admission to the Brock Scholars Program requires a special application process in addition to the Undergraduate Admissions Application.  Interested students should apply to the Brock Scholars Program by December 1 of the year prior to metriculation as first-time undergraduates the following August.  The application for Fall 2018 freshmen will be available from this website starting on September 1, 2017.

Selection Process

Unlike many college honors programs and academic scholarships, the Brock Scholars Program does not have a “cut-off” ACT/SAT score and/or high school GPA that guarantees admission to the program.  Successful applicants do have very strong numbers, but all applicants are evaluated holistically.

We are looking for students who have a strong academic preparation AND want to be active participants in their own education, students who are energetic and enthusiastic about pursuing their interests and goals.  We want students to be ready to reinvent themselves, explore innovative paths and solutions to problems, and help to change the world! 

The test-makers don't have a category for those qualities.  Therefore, the Brock Scholars application requires a few items in addition to the high school transcript and ACT or SAT score.  

After carefully reviewing all of the application materials, we select the applicants who show the most promise to benefit from and contribute to the Brock Scholars experience.  We encourage all applicants to present themselves and their potential as thoroughly as possible in all parts of the application.

Typically, the Brock Scholars selection committee begins evaluating applications in mid-November, but no decisions are made about any applicant until all timely applications have been evaluated.  We will notify all timely applicants by letter about their status no later than January 1. 

At that time, we will invite the most qualified applicants to attend one of three on-campus conferences, including interviews, information sessions, and activities with Brock Scholars Program faculty, staff, and students. These visits provide the opportunity to learn about the Program, the Honors College, and UTC. Applicants will explore the campus, attend university classes and a special seminar, visit with faculty representatives from various departments, and socialize with current Brock Scholars and other applicants.  The conferences will also give the faculty and staff a chance to further evaluate the applicants.  Most applicants find these sessions informative, stimulating, and fun.

If you are selected to continue to this second phase of the selection process, participation in all parts of the conference is required for you to remain in consideration as a candidate.  We will host three Saturday sessions, on January 20, January 27, and February 3, 2017.  We will do our best to accommodate applicants’ preferences, but if that is not possible due to space constraints, scheduling priority will be in order of receipt of your application. 

After all candidate conferences are completed, the selection committee will notify all applicants by letter of their status.