Honors Alumni

Greetings to Alumni from Dean Linda Frost

We love to hear from our talented alumni, so please join our AlumNet! Give us your latest contact information using the form on the right and connect with us and with current students. Or better yet, tell us in person at the next Honors Alumni Gala!

Want to learn more about becoming involved? Help launch our official UTC Honors Alumni Association! Here's the latest on that effort from Brock Scholar alumna Nikki Poarch Ringenberg:

As several UTC Honors alumni have found, it can be challenging to tackle tasks on and around campus without an official alumni association.  Because of this, Courtney Severson and I started asking questions about what it what it takes to form an alumni group and what is involved in running one.  We had an amazing meeting with the Alumni Affairs staff where they gave us some insight into how alumni groups work.  We have to set up bylaws and elect at least one officer.  Beyond that it is truly up to us, the UTC Honors Alumni, what we'd like the goals and functions of our group to be. We have examples to use as a guide, and I am working with a small group of our alumni to structure them to meet the needs of our alumni as well as the requirements of the Alumni Office. We will definitely have an update by the Gala, perhaps some official news as well, but much of that depends on your input.    


Because we Brock Scholars have a reputation of amazing ideas and volunteerism to uphold, here are some things you can do to help form the new alumni association:

  • Suggest things you'd like to see the alumni association do! So far, some have suggested social gatherings in larger regional cities, web-based seminars with the faculty, and mentoring opportunities with current students.
  • Volunteer to serve as an officer and/or to help engage your classmates! As an official organization, we will need to elect a president and possibly other officers. We also really want to engage individuals in individual classes and need you to help stir interest with others in your social circles who were involved with the Brock Scholars Program
  • See you at the Gala!