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Greetings to Alumni from Dean Linda Frost

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News from the UTC Honors Alumni Council


After three years in the making, we now officially have the UTC Honors Alumni Council and are pleased to announce the first officers of this new council! Lashunda Hill (’10) will be our first Chair, Kelli Wooten (’98) will be our Secretary, and Nikki Ringenberg (’06,’09) will serve as the Council’s first Treasurer!


If you are interested in helping with this work, please reach out to one of the officers (Nikki’s email is nicolepringenberg@gmail.com).  They will be working to form committees in the near future and cannot get things moving without your help.


Another way to engage is to host an intern at your job, and no, you don’t have to be in Chattanooga to do this.  My organization in Nashville hosted an Honors College student as an intern over the summer and we had a fabulous time with her.  She was everything I expected of an honors student and more. We were able to move some projects forward with her dedicated time, and she worked with one of our staff who hasn’t had a lot of hands-on leadership experience, which was invaluable training at our small organization.  If you have questions about hosting an intern, please let me or one of the staff know. It was a wonderful experience, and I’d highly suggest it to everyone.


All best to everyone,


Nikki Ringenberg