Major Requirements

The BA in history requires the completion of 39 hours of history courses, including the following:

Level 1 - Introducing History (6 hours):

Any two of the following surveys:

  • HIST 1110 World History from the Origins to 1400

  • HIST 1120 World History from 1400 to the Present

  • HIST 2010 United States to 1865

  • HIST 2020 United States since 1865

Level 2 - Exploring History (9 hours):

  • HIST 2100 Historical Research and Writing (Required) (3 hours)

  • Any two 2000-level advanced surveys (HIST2030-2940) (6 hours) 

Level 3 - Interpreting History (12 hours):

  • Any four 3000-level topical courses

Level 4 - Engaging History (6 hours):

  • HIST 4020 The Historian’s Craft (Required) (3 hours)

  • One additional 4000-level history course (3 hours)

Electives (6 hours):

  • Six additional hours of history classes to complete a total of 39 hours in the major 

Distribution Requirement: 

Advanced survey (2000-level) and topical courses (3000-level) must include two of each of the following:

  • U.S. history courses

  • European history courses

  • World history courses

Consider including one or more of the following in your major:

  • An internship.  For more information see the Internships page on our website, or contact Prof. Mike Thompson, the History Department internship coordinator.

  • An independent research project.  If you're interested in Departmental Honors (DHON), talk to your advisor at the beginning of your junior year.